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Adhesivos Romero Garcia recently acquired a new Nilpeter FA-17
Building on a long-standing relationship, the story of Spanish company Adhesivos Romero Garcia and Nilpeter is one that spans multiple generations of Nilpeter presses. From the initial acquisition of a Nilpeter F-200, to the subsequent additions of two F-240s and two FB-330s, the partnership has now reached a new milestone with the acquisition of the latest FA-17 press. 
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Adhesivos Romero Garcia is a company located in Beniaján, (Murcia), which has been dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and marketing of adhesive labels since 1987.

The company has grown since its inception thanks to the integration and adaptation of new technologies in its production plant to keep pace with a complex and evolving market over the years, resulting in a leading and benchmark company in the label manufacturing market.

We spoke with Angel Garcia, Manager of the company, to tell us about his experience and the reasons why they have decided to invest in a Nilpeter again.

What is the company's current situation?

Right now, Adhesivos Romero Garcia is in a moment of renovation and full development. We have acquired an additional warehouse, next to the current one, so we are growing in all aspects.

About the new Nilpeter FA-17, what production requirements made you decide to incorporate this new press in the production plant?

Personally, I have always had the conviction that to do a good job, to offer quality, you have to work with the best brands. We have worked with Nilpeter for 30 years and the experience has always been good. A press like this involves a large investment, but we ensure that we obtain the best results this way.

Why have you chosen to invest in Nilpeter during this period of growth? Has your previous experience with the brand influenced your decision?

Of course, as I said, our previous experience with Nilpeter has been very important. We have been working with Nilpeter and Esagraf for many years. In addition to our experience with the equipment, our experience with Esagraf, which has always been at our disposal, has also influenced us. Esagraf serves as the bridge, and our longstanding familiarity with the team has solidified our trust in their professionalism and reliability.

What predictions do you have for future business results with the new Nilpeter press?

Seeing how we have worked with previous equipment, we predict a very good return on investment. Firstly, because of the durability we have observed with the previous presses, and also because we believe this press will be twice as economical as any other we have, considering that it works at twice the speed and with a more substantial bandwidth.

A very important point regarding this new addition is, that it's not only me being convinced that the FA-17 is the best purchase, that can be made. It's a common decision; the whole company - both management and machine operators are sure that we have made the right decision.

The press is expected to be installed during the Summer 2023 at the Adhesivos Romero Garcia’s facilities.

Photop captions:

Romero Garcia and the Nilpeter team at the FAT at Nilpeter headquarters in Denmark

FAT Nilpeter

Exterior Romero Garcia

Wave TPS boosts productivity and expands capabilities with their second Nilpeter FA-17 installation
Wave TPS, a leading printing solutions provider located in the heart of Seoul's Seong Soo Dong, has just installed their second Nilpeter FA-17 press. This investment comes after 12 months of successfully utilizing their first FA-17, installed in 2021, and reflects Wave's commitment to enhancing their service for customers.
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The decision to acquire the second Nilpeter FA-17 was driven by the exceptional return on investment (ROI) achieved with the first press. Wave's Managing Director, Eun Seok Lee,  expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The ROI on the Nilpeter press is what drove us to invest in the second Nilpeter FA-17. We have been impressed by the productivity of the FA-17, witnessing up to three times the increase in our production line efficiency, when switching from Letterpress/Offset to Flexo."

With the new 10-colour configuration, the Nilpeter FA-17 offers Wave TPS expanded capabilities to handle a wider range of combination jobs. The FA-17's speed, accuracy, and in-line "Value Added" options have enabled Wave to achieve remarkable results. The accuracy and consistency of the press have allowed the company to seamlessly integrate their Durst Inkjet printers, resulting in the production of unique and visually stunning labels for their customers.

"Having worked with many brands of Flexo presses, I can confidently say that Nilpeter's FA-Line is far more efficient and accurate. The simplified job setup process saves us valuable time, as we only need to set one station, and the rest fall in automatically," the factory manager at Wave TPS, Hyuk Hee Lee, adds.

Thanks to the exceptional performance of the FA-17, Wave TPS has experienced a significant boost in their productivity. The factory manager elaborated, "With just one 8-hour shift, we are achieving greater production capacity than two full rotary presses. Our daily operations now involve running 4 to 5 different jobs, ranging from 2,000-meter to over 100,000-meter runs. The FA-17's outstanding accuracy and consistency have helped us improve our overall production time."

Wave TPS's investment in the second Nilpeter FA-17 demonstrates their commitment to delivering exceptional printing solutions to their expanding customer base. With the enhanced capabilities and efficiency offered by the FA-17 press, Wave TPS is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of the printing industry.

Experience Nilpeter’s FA-Line at Labelexpo Europe

Nilpeter presents its visionary take on the Future of Flexo at Labelexpo Europe. Experience innovative technology and exceptional performance in short-run flexible packaging and labels, showcasing the next generation of printing innovation. Attendees can explore Nilpeter’s FA-26 and FA-17, featuring outstanding performance in short-run flexible packaging and labels.

Photo captions:

A heartfelt thanks to Eun Seok Lee, Managing Director at Wave TPS and the rest of his team, for placing their trust in Nilpeter. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our partnership.



Nilpeter presents the innovative FA-17 Flexo Press at Labelexpo Mexico
Attendees to witness the powerful capabilities and benefits of flexo technology through live demos
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Nilpeter is gearing up for a standout appearance at this year's Labelexpo Mexico. Distinguished as, to the best of our knowledge, the sole exhibitor to showcase a flexo press, Nilpeter plans to captivate visitors with exclusive live demos of their state-of-the-art FA-17 flexo press in action.

The FA-17 flexo press is build on a unique technology platform, boasting an array of advantages over traditional printing technologies. Among these benefits are rapid job changeovers, which allow for seamless transitions between projects, high efficiency and volume, enabling businesses to meet the growing demands of their customers, and remarkable speeds that significantly reduce production times. Furthermore, the FA-17 delivers an exceptional printing quality, ensuring that the final products meet and surpass industry standards.

Labelexpo Mexico attendees will have the rare opportunity to witness the power and versatility of flexo technology firsthand. Through live demonstrations and interactive experience, visitors can explore the full potential of the FA-17 flexo press, gaining valuable insights into how this cutting-edge technology can transform their printing processes. At Labelexpo Mexico, the press will be equipped with eight printing units with UV curing, and a rail system for the application of value-added processes such as cold stamping and lamination. The press will run shrink sleeves with cold foil applied in-line.

By offering this unique and immersive showcase, Nilpeter aims to pave the way for future innovations in the printing industry. As flexo technology continues to evolve, it promises to revolutionize the sector and solidify its position as a leading force in modern printing solutions. Don't miss the chance to see “The future of Flexo” unfold at Labelexpo Mexico.

Nilpeter appoints two New International Sales Managers to accelerate growth and strengthen market position
Nilpeter is delighted to announce the appointment of two new International Sales Managers, Alex Aarslew-Jensen & Bo Lerche-Henriksen, to bolster the sales team and further accelerate the company's growth. These strategic hires aim to position Nilpeter as a leading player in the production of label printing presses across the world.
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The addition of two experienced sales professionals will provide valuable expertise and insights into the market, enabling Nilpeter to better understand and address the specific needs and challenges of our customers. The new Sales Managers will play a crucial role in expanding Nilpeter’s footprint, strengthening relationships with existing customers, and attracting new business opportunities.

By capitalizing on their extensive knowledge and proven track record in sales, the new Sales Managers will help drive Nilpeter's growth and secure our place as a top contender in the label printing press market. Their primary focus will be on increasing sales and promoting Nilpeter's innovative and high-quality printing solutions to a wide range of customers across the world.

As we continue to develop and refine our product offerings, these new appointments signal our ongoing commitment of being a trusted partner and industry leader in the label printing sector. With the addition of dedicated sales professionals, we are poised to further establish our presence in the market and solidify our reputation for delivering cutting-edge label printing presses.


Rotolabel enhances its printing technology with the introduction of a new 8-colour FA-17 flexo press from Nilpeter
March 2023:  Rotolabel has added a new Nilpeter FA-17 8-colour flexo press to its line-up, featuring UV-curing, turnbar, de-/re-lamination, and standard die stations. Rotolabel visited Nilpeter headquarters in Denmark some months ago to sign off on the press, which has since been installed and is now in production at the company's site in South Africa.
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Rotolabel specializes in producing self-adhesive labels for the FMCG market segment, including wine. The company has a long-standing partnership with Nilpeter, with whom they have done business from the older generation of letter presses to a number of FB- and FA-Lines. Last year, they extended the lifespan of two of their FA-3300 presses in a project led by Nilpeter.

As their business and customer requirements continue to evolve, Rotolabel needed to add a new press to their existing Nilpeter line-up. According to Johann Koegelenberg, Excecutive Operations at Rotolabel, it was a simple choice, given their trusted relationsship and Nilpeter's reputation as a well-regarded business,
“Our longstanding partnership with Nilpeter gave us the confidence to choose their new FA-17 flexo press for upgrading our printing technology. We needed a solution that would improve our production volume and offer the latest technology, and Nilpeter delivered on both counts. The new press complements our existing line-up and provides more flexibility in between presses. While it is a simple press, it is optimized for retail work and is fit for purpose to maximize our benefits”.

One of the key advantages of the new press is the level of automation, which makes job changes much easier and faster. Jesper Jørgensen, Global Sales Manager at Nilpeter, explains that full automation is essential in the latest versions of their presses, and that it gives Rotolabel a much more efficient press, that can run many different jobs all day with a minimal waste.

About Rotolabel:
Rotolabel was founded in 1982 and is a leading supplier of world-class self-adhesive labels to many of South Africa's most reputable FMCG producers, including the wine, pharmaceutical, personal care, and industrial segments. The company was acquired by the Bidvest Group in 2008, and today it forms part of the Bidvest Data, Print & Packaging division of Bidvest Branded Products, a leading supplier of printing, communications, packaging, and labeling solutions in southern Africa.

Caption: Johann Koegelenberg, Excecutive Operations, Rotolabel

Caption: From the left, Jesper Jørgensen, Global Sales Manager, Nilpeter, Greg Gabriels, Excecutive Technical, Rotolabel, Wicus Maritz, Managing Executive, Rotolabel.

Reflex Group welcomes a new FA-22 flexo press to the UK site
Reflex Plus has added another new fully loaded 560 mm wide FA-22 flexo press for their Keighley site in England. The press is now fully installed and is running production.
Image collection:

“We know the Nilpeter machines very well, and we have worked with their team for many years. This new press can produce almost everything, and it is a true beverage combination press that gives us the flexibility and dynamics we need in our production setup. The Nilpeter presses and their customer service never disappoint”, says Shaun Hanson, Keighley Site Manager of Reflex Group.

Built around the modern printing operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls, the Nilpeter FA-Line provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates. Reflex Group’s new 10-colour press is fully loaded and comes with a range of features, such as an advanced automation package making production faster and easier with a major waste reduction during set up and run without compromising quality.

Besides the automation package, the new flexo press is equipped with an advanced drying technology, a UV-laminating unit, cold-foil equipment, RSI Nilscreen printing unit, a flatbed embossing/hotfoil unit, a die-cutting unit, waste handling, and a video inspection system. Indeed, a multi-faceted press.

Nick Hughes, Managing Director at Nilpeter Ltd, congratulated Reflex Group on their new press, stating,

“It is a great press and they have now integrated it completely into their existing production setup, and it looks great. It runs like a train. We know that Reflex Group has a huge focus on sustainability, and with this new press they use less energy to run the machine, and they have a lot less waste especially around the double foil save. The process with Reflex Group has been great and we have built a solution that fits perfectly with their business and needs. And that’s what it’s all about”.

About Reflex
The Reflex Group was formed in 2002 with the goal of being “the world’s most sustainable packaging company” – a goal still entrenched at the heart of operations. Reflex seeks to be at the forefront of innovation, investing in technology and people for continuous improvement. Today, Reflex is one of the largest companies of its kind in the UK, and has operations in Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and Australia. Reflex serves a broad range of customer sectors.
Products include self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves including R.O.S.O., liner-less labels, flexible packaging, in-mould labels, artwork, and design. The company prints high-end labels in combination for many bespoke brand owners through their Reflex Label Plus division.

The first Nilpeter press arrives at MM Packaging
Austrian-based MM Packaging has purchased a new 8-colour FA-17 multi-substrate flexo press for their site in Dublin, Ireland. The new press is the first Nilpeter at the Dublin site.
Image collection:

MM Packaging is a global manufacturer of primary and secondary packaging material for several different sectors. The new press was primarily configured for the pharmaceutical industry. The investment in the new press with a full automation package is the result of a fruitful, very positive dialogue and process with Nilpeter.

“Of course, we knew Nilpeter before entering the process of investing in a new press for our Dublin location. However, we were very positively surprised by the professionalism, we have seen all the way from the initial inquiry to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Nilpeter has been very open-minded and listened to our needs all the way, and we are very pleased with the end result. The machine is pure quality, solid built, and it will have a huge positive impact on our business. We can’t wait to get it installed”, says Operation Manager, Warren Brennan from MM Packaging.

The standards and requirements of the labels and documentation are constantly increasing in all markets, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception.

Nick Hughes, Managing Director at Nilpeter Ltd., UK, says,

“We talk to our customers everyday across business and industries, and we see it everywhere; the need for more and more advanced machines is increasing. Customers want more complex labels and applications. It is our job to help our customers find the right solutions, and I believe we have managed to do so in the case of MM Packaging. They are getting a really fantastic press that will fit well into their setup in Dublin. It will be great to see it running production soon”.

About MM Packaging
MM Packaging is a market leader in consumer packaging and printing. With an international network of 65 plants in more than 20 countries, they offer a unique, pan-European delivery concept. In addition, they have production in the Middle East, USA, East and Southeast Asia.

Left to right: Nick Hughes, Warren Brennan, Tom Lees, Des Howell, Wayne Barrett.

Auroflex raises the bar with a new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION
Southern Italian luxury label manufacturer, Auroflex, is raising the bar and putting their customers in a position to compete in international markets, with the acquisition of a new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION.
Image collection:

The new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION that Auroflex has just finished installing is their fourth press from the Danish manufacturer.

“It is the most advanced press we have acquired so far in a collaboration that began more than 20 years ago, and which has brought many eloquent and mutual successes to our companies. Auroflex is committed to providing ever-increasing quality to both current and future customers - the market in which we operate stimulates competition and we want to raise the bar and put our customers in a position to compete in international markets. In that sense, it is no coincidence that our new MO-Line FUSION is a mixed media printing system equipped with all the most advanced printing, regulation, and control technologies,” says Fabio Butera, Chairman of Auroflex.

New Levels of Performance
Nilpeter has taken high-end offset printing to new levels of performance, efficiency, and ease of use with the MO-Line FUSION. A custom-made combination press with a host of analogue and digital embellishment technologies inline -  this is the platform for unmatched label quality – whether competing in high-volume or short-run markets.

With every component manufactured in-house, MO-Line FUSION is engineered to assure precision in reproduction at high speeds. Built with high levels of automation, the MO-Line FUSION minimizes manual adjustments and ensures faster setup times and reduced start-up waste. In short, the MO-line FUSION is the complete solution for the printer looking for efficient, productive, and market leading technology.

“What the new FUSION brings to Auroflex is unsurpassed print quality, the innovation of a machine with a simplicity and accuracy of electronic controls never seen before; and above all, the versatility of a configuration that will allow us to serve our current customers, and to expand our business area to products that, up until now, we have not been able to produce. The choice of this press model was carefully evaluated by comparing the characteristics of the major companies on the market. The choice of Nilpeter was relatively easy to make as it combines printing machines of proven quality and innovation, with a support and assistance that in many years of collaboration has never failed,” Fabio Butera adds.

New Production Plant
With the arrival of the new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION, and with other investments made in recent years, the need has come for Auroflex to design and build a new production plant, a process which started a few months ago.

“I believe that the new printing plant will allow us to grow in turnover, quality, and product offerings.  Our new Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION is part of a more general investment plan, and the implementation of an innovative marketing strategy, with which we are positioning ourselves, with the ambition of becoming a point of reference for the entire national territory,” Fabio Butera, Chairman of Auroflex, concludes.



cda magazzino carte
Photo caption: Auroflex board, from left to right: Francesca, Giuseppe, Katia, and Fabio Butera. Photo by Luca Stabile.

Nilpeter extends the lifespan of Rotolabel’s two FA-3300S presses
New hardware from Nilpeter extends the lifespan of Rotolabel’s two FA-3300S presses. The presses, situated  at Rotolabel’s South African site in Cape Town, were installed in 2005. However, that does not mean that they cannot live on for many more years, if the correct actions are performed.
Image collection:

Rotolabel specialises in self-adhesive labels, mostly for the FMCG market segment, including wine. For almost 20 years the presses have produced labels for the South African market. However, a replacement of components is part of the life cycle of any press, and from a sustainability point of view, it makes perfectly good sense to exchange only some of the key components instead of building an entirely new press.

The initial phase of the project began during the challenging COVID-19 times. For that reason, much of the initial work and trouble-shooting were carried out at online meetings, and a complete overview of the project was laid out before the exchange began.

Erik Pedersen, Global Customer Care Manager at Nilpeter,
“With a press that has been in operation for almost 20 years, it is natural that the PC components will need to be exchanged at some point. If we don’t change the hardware, we would also face the challenge, that we can’t support the software platforms, they use anymore. Therefore, it was a necessary change if we wanted to add lives to the press“.

The existing main computer was replaced with a new powerful PC, B&R IPC910, i3 Dual-core processor. A new large PMC-monitor 15” upgraded to 19” touch screen monitor with SDL interface was also installed. The new hardware was updated with new software as well, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. The replacement on both presses on-site took just over a week of work, as much of the configuration of the new components and software was done in Denmark prior to the installations on site.

The partnership with Nilpeter has been ongoing for many years and the upgrade went smoothly, Wicus Maritz, Managing Executive at Rotolabel says,
“We knew that it was time to change part of the hardware and we have had a very good dialogue with Nilpeter during the process. The upgrade itself went well and we are very pleased with the outcome. Our machines are much more stable, and the overall performance of our presses has increased significantly, as we have almost no downtime due to computer- and software-related issues and can run jobs much more effectively than before”.

Rotolabel and Nilpeter have been partners for many years, and the upgraded hardware secures the performance on the presses for the future.

About Rotolabel:
Rotolabel, South Africa, was founded in 1982 and specialises in the supply of world-class self-adhesive labels for many of South Africa’s most reputable FMCG producers. Their offering includes labels to the wine, pharmaceutical, personal care, and industrial segments.
Rotolabel was acquired by the Bidvest Group in 2008 and today forms part of the Bidvest Data, Print & Packaging division of Bidvest Branded Products. Bidvest Data, Print & Packaging is a leading supplier of printing, communications, packaging, and labeling solutions in southern Africa

Photo caption: From the left, Andries Dippenaar, Rotolabel & Thomas Andreasen, Service Technician, Nilpeter.

Nilpeter increases market shares in West Africa
Nilpeter is a global company with a presence in more than 70 countries all over the world.
Image collection:

Last week we exhibited at Propak West Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, together with our agent Optics Engineering. The exhibition is an event to showcase new innovations in the Printing and Packaging industry in the region. Nilpeter is at the forefront in developing the market and customers. Both for new, and larger solutions but also for refurbished and smaller solutions.

The West Africa region is an area where Nilpeter in recent years has seen stable growth and has increased its market shares. Over the last couple of years, we have sold a number of FA presses to our customers in the region, in Nigeria, Senegal and the Ivory Coast with the latest being to Tripple Gee in Nigeria.

Emmanuel Olanihun, Nilpeter’s representative in Nigeria says,
“We see a lot of positive tendencies in the West Africa Region these years. The label industry is developing and companies are asking for more advanced and high-quality solutions. Our local presence is key to winning the trust and confidence of the label companies in the market. This was also what we saw at last week’s exhibition where we had lots of the big players in the industry visiting and discussing future projects. We are very optimistic about the future in the region”.

With more than 200 exhibitors Propak West Africa is the biggest exhibition and conference for professionals working across the packaging, plastics, printing, and food-processing industry.



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