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Envases Group acquires FA-22 for Buenos Aires Plant
Argentinian packaging holding, Envases Group, has aquired a Nilpeter FA-22 Multi-Substrate Press to further build on their leading status in the South American region.
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Envases Group has plants in Buenos Aires, San Luis and in Cartagena, Colombia, and specializes in aerosol aluminium and tinplate cans. Last year, the company launched a new pharmaceutical packaging division with the acquisition of the only roll-to-roll Hapa digital printer in Latin America.

The Latest and Safest Printing Quality
"This jump in technology, versus the flexo and gravure solvent based machines currently used in the Argentinian market, alongside the acquisitions of the new Nilpeter FA-22 will allow us to offer our customers the latest alternatives in printing quality, but also the safest, as they are nitro free," Ignacio Siccardi, Head of Pharmaceutical Division, Envases Group says.

"Lately, in the pharma world, there have been some repercussions about how nitro-based primers and inks react to the temperature in the blister machine lines, and produce nitrosamines which is a compound that causes cancer in humans. That's why UV LED and nitro-free inks are the future of printing in pharma," Ignacio Siccardi continues.

"Our idea and ambition with this investment is to back our customers with their new high velocity blister lines, and offer them a safe, excellent quality and quick lead times to better meet their needs, in either flexo or digital, and in any design," Ignacio Siccardi concludes.

The Modular Multi-Substrate FA-22
The FA-Line is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer's ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user-interface and fully mobile print controls. The modular, multi-substrate FA-22 provides a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on multiple substrates; all normal self-adhesive materials, including flexible packaging films, polymer films, metallic films, and paper.

"With this investment, Envases Group joins a very special segment in our market. This press will mainly be used to print on aluminium blister substrates, and only a small group of press manufactures around the world has gained access to this market by supplying the correct press technology. We are very pleased to enter into this partnership and excited to see what the future holds for Envases Group," says Nils Evers, General Manager, Nilpeter Latin America.

Business Continues Despite COVID-19
The COVID-19 remains a rapidly developing and unforeseen global health crisis. As a reaction, Nilpeter carefully follows the directions and recommendations of local authorities.
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All Nilpeter facilities around the world are still operating with ongoing production, observing local government and health services guidelines. Spare parts handling is fully active in normal opening hours, and Customer Care is performing 24/7 remote support and trouble-shooting from all global Call Centers.

All inquiries for visits in our Technology Centers in Denmark, USA, Thailand, Brazil, and India are welcomed and handled in compliance with local travel regulations. 

Our focus is to achieve "business as usual" with the health and well-being of our employees and partners safe and secure under current conditions in all markets. 

For inquires please contact your local Nilpeter Partner.


FA-26 Opinion Piece
The New FA-26 is Nilpeter's latest move into the constantly transforming flexible packaging market.
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The latest and widest flexo press we have ever developed, the 670 mm wide FA-26 presents a significant shift in product strategy. We’re entering new markets, with all the well-known Nilpeter features, and setting new standards within flexibility, sustainability, fast job change-overs, and automation. Now made possible for the wider web conventional flexible packaging segment, where job-changes traditionally are more timely and more expensive. At Nilpeter, we have seen increased market interest for quite some time now, both from our existing label print customers, and from flexible packaging printers, geared towards inline printing of pouches, flow packs, form-fill-seal as well as converting of shrink sleeves, in shorter runs, and smaller batches.

Outstanding features and benefits from our existing label printing presses
With the new FA-26, we are able to offer the same, outstanding features and benefits from our well-known label printing press program - high quality flexo printing, UV, solvent or water based, combined with many inline converting processes - on a wide variety of new substrates, recyclable and biodegradable plastic substrates included. This is made possible thanks to the very comprehensive and advanced automation system from our line of label printing presses, transferred to wider web printing to provide a very sustainable and lean performance. 

The flexibility of the new FA-26
Recyclable and biodegradable plastic substrates are a big part of this new development with a keen focus on more environmentally friendly materials. The flexibility of the new FA-26 allows converting of newly developed substrates as well as traditional, combined with different laminating technologies – enabling different lamination systems to create recyclable packaging applications.

New opportunities for label printers and flexible packaging converters
The printing world is quickly evolving in a direction where sustainability is as important as costs or technical features. As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to establish a route that combines advanced technical features with sound economics and sustainable production - to avoid that one of these elements becomes an obstacle for the other two. Printing and converting inline, thus limiting waste, open new opportunities for label printers as well as flexible packaging converters, enabling them to offer short run value-added flexible packaging products.

Furthermore, the press has attracted new technological developments from flexible packaging OEM’s, leaving us both very excited and optimistic for the future. The ability to print and create a fully functional laminate inline, by utilizing solvent dry lamination or E-Beam, is quite clearly very sought after in the market. The E-Beam enables PET/PET instant cured lamination - a recyclable construction for flexible packaging - made possible by the high level of accuracy in manufacturing, and the accurate and automatic save and recall of process parameters.

A successful launch at Labelexpo Europe 2019
Nilpeter sees the new FA-26 as a cornerstone in its wide array of product offerings, providing a much needed alternative to traditional flexible packaging printers, as well as label printers, in the development of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. This was evident already after the soft launch at Labelexpo Europe 2019, where we displayed a single FA-26 printing unit, that created great interest, and initiated a host of project conversations. Since then, we have done numerous trials with several printing companies, and the results have quite literally exceeded our expectations, but more importantly, the expectations of our existing and potential customers from a perspective of quick job changes and very little running waste. The FA-26’s low TCO is impressive, and the first orders are already confirmed for deliveries in 2020.

FA_26NewPress_V05_Print For MEDIA

FA_26_sign for MEDIA

Hasnet Label of Turkey Adds Fourth Nilpeter FA-Line
Hasnet Label, Turkey’s leading producer of self-adhesive labels, has acquired a new Nilpeter FA-Line, their fourth from the Danish press manufacturer.
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Hasnet Label, Turkey’s leading producer of self-adhesive labels, has acquired a new Nilpeter FA-Line, their fourth from the Danish press manufacturer, adding both capacity and label options to their modernized and eco-friendly factory in Gunesli - Istanbul, Turkey. The press was installed in December 2019.

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction
The new FA-17 features advanced automation, registration, video monitoring and more, further improving Hasnet’s production of high quality labels, standout products, and solutions, all serving to ”maximize customer satisfaction”. The high ease of use will assist Hasnet employees maximize efficiency and job turnaround.

Thrilled to Continue Great Partnership
”The dialogue regarding the new FA-17 started in June with Nilpeter’s Turkish agent, Hasnet coming to visit us here in Denmark in September, and following a successful demo signed the contract for the new press. We just finished installation before Christmas holidays, and we are thrilled to continue this great relationship,” says Dan Wissing, Area Sales Manager, Nilpeter A/S.

About Hasnet Label
Hasnet Label is the leading self-adhesive label manufacturer in Turkey. The company designs and produces high quality labels in their modernized and eco-friendly factory in Gunesli - Istanbul, Turkey, and pride themselves on creating stand-out products and solutions through material research, new processing techniques, state-of-the-art machinery, and efficient service. Above all, Hasnet is focused on the "maximization of customer satisfaction”.

Catapult Print Enhance On-Site Capabilities with Third Nilpeter FA
Florida-based Catapult Print has enhanced on-site capabilities with the addition of a third Nilpeter FA as well as AVT inspection systems to all printing presses and finishing equipment.
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Amplifying Capacity

The company acquired the first two Nilpeter presses in April 2018. With the acquisition of a third, Catapult has amplified capacity while enhancing its offering, positioning themselves for substantial future growth. Specializing in linerless labels, pressure sensitive and narrow web film (with plans to expand into further label types), the company’s growth is attributed to its customer-focused culture and consistent investment into the printing industry’s latest technological advancements.

Exceeding Customer Expectations 
Lewis Cook, managing partner, Catapult Print, said, ‘Our culture is as vital to our growth as our technology and combining the two elements makes us confident in revolutionizing the printing industry. The cornerstone of the new Nilpeter press is its ability to pass on game-changing benefits to customers. The press ensures peak changeovers while the disruptive technology of AVT means that consistency is guaranteed every time we deliver a job. The acquisitions have allowed us to increase capacity dramatically, so we can not only meet but exceed customer expectations.’

Our Rapid Growth Story
Company CEO Mark Cook, said, ‘Having a can-do attitude whilst delivering high quality, short lead times and an aggressive pricing strategy have been a big part of our rapid growth story. In addition to this we are resolutely focused on what’s important to customers, which is why we built our business around five key pillars: Quality, price, service, lead times, and innovation – all of which underpin our ambition to be the go-to partner for private and national brands alike.’

The Rolls Royce of Printing Presses
’We’ve been working with Nilpeter presses since our opening, so we can attest that they really are the Rolls Royce of printing presses. They’ve blown me away in terms of registration, quality, and speed. Teamed up with AVT, we can deliver results of the highest quality, with turnaround times that make a day-to-night difference among customers, who need their products on shelf without delay. Working with Nilpeter and AVT, these are companies that care about your business. We think of them as more than mere suppliers – they are true partners,’ Mark Cook concludes.

The Future of Dynamic Packaging Solutions
Paul Teachout, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Nilpeter USA, said, ‘Catapult Print has become more than a partner – the innovation that they present to our industry sets the bar for the future of dynamic packaging solutions. It has been a mutually rewarding experience, as they allow us to push the bar with new press innovations. The addition of the new FA-Line will allow Catapult to take its production and products to yet another level.’

Read the full story at L&L:

Innovative Solution Installed at Nuceria Group’s Milan Plant

Nuceria Group, a long-time Nilpeter partner and part of All4Labels, has expanded their rich design portfolio with the installation of Nilpeter’s new High-Build InkJet Varnish Unit on their MO-4 combination offset press.

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First in Italy
The installation is the first of its kind in Italy and follows Nuceria’s strategy of setting new industry standards in terms of flexibility, customisation, and supply chain excellence.

The new High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit offers extensive embellishment capabilities perfect for requirements in the health, personal care, wine & spirits segments, to name a few. Featuring a robust industrial design, the High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit is touch-screen based, with an easy-to-use Graphic User Interface. The unit supports a wide range of substrates, such as PP, PE, PET, and foil, and can be positioned at any point in the press configuration.

Raising the Bar with Flexibility, Customisation and Supply Chain Excellence
“The new high-build InkJet print bar allows us to achieve faster delivery times with high embellishment jobs, and the increased agility offers economic benefits without compromising quality. This is the latest development in our historic collaboration with Nilpeter, who continues to raise the bar with flexibility, customisation and supply chain excellence. In tune with the industry-wide growth of digital technology, I think this will create huge opportunities for our companies,” says Guido Iannone, President Southern Europe & Global Spirits, All4Labels.

High Laydown Technology
HL technology can be used to create rich textures – emulating expensive substrates, enhancing beautiful designs or providing grip – which interact with light in ways that are often underutilised in packaging design. HL technology can be combined with flood coat matt varnish for emulating micro embossing techniques used in paper manufacture or digitally applied embossing effects to text or image details. When combined with a lamination/foil bar, the unit enables extreme foil effects to be produced for added impact.

Increased Production Rates

The High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit provides a lower overall cost of production, less material waste, faster make-ready, and increased production rates compared to traditional methods. Furthermore, product shelf-appeal is increased with little to no extra costs for screens, plates or similar.

New Highs in Creativity and Quality

“We are extremely excited to continue our close partnership with Nuceria. The integration of the new High-Build Varnish InkJet Unit in the MO-Line creates a winning instrument that enables Nuceria to reach new heights in terms of creativity and quality, while maintaining high levels of competitiveness. Furthermore, collectively, we strongly believe this will increase business satisfaction with Nuceria’s large existing brand customers, which is paramount for any new technology investment,” says Angelo Tribocco, Sales Manager of Nilpeter Italy.

Skanem Stavanger Acquires New FA-22 from Nilpeter
Skanem Stavanger, Norway's largest producer of self-adhesive labels, has acquired a new 9-colour FA-22 from Nilpeter.
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In addition to providing maximum levels of stability and excellent printing results on multiple substrates, the FA-22 is a perfect fit for Skanem’s commitment to sustainability, renewable products, and reusable materials.

Ambitious Sustainability Goals
“We are fully committed to creating renewable products, from labels to wrap-arounds, and many other flexible packaging solutions, with a key focus on reusable materials. We work side-by-side with customers on various development projects to help them reach ambitious sustainability goals. With customers from a broad range of industries, and in many different countries, we have gained unique insight and experience that can be applied across the Skanem Group as a whole,” Eirik Bergh, Managing Director of Skanem Stavanger, begins.

“The partnership with Nilpeter is no different - in addition to the high print quality, intuitive user interface, and value-added possibilities, the new FA-22 is built with a clear focus on limiting waste, lowering power consumption, and reducing emissions. This press fits perfectly with what we’re trying to achieve here at Skanem,” Eirik Bergh concludes.

The Most Versatile Flexo Press on the Market
Nilpeter’s FA-Line is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls. A benchmark of flexibility and modularity, the FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units, Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget. All main components are produced in-house, meaning higher production quality and control. Nilpeter’s LEAN production flow and uniform facilities in Denmark and the US assure delivery worldwide.

Just as Advertised
“The process with Skanem has been very rewarding, from start to finish. I’m happy to say that when I visited the factory in November the press was running smoothly, just as advertised. We look forward to a great working relationship with Skanem Stavanger,” says Mads Aakjær, Area Sales Manager, Nilpeter A/S.

Norway's Largest Producer of Self-Adhesive Labels
Skanem Stavanger is Norway's largest producer of self-adhesive labels. The factory is situated in the Forus industrial district, a 10-minute drive from the Stavanger city centre and the airport. Skanem dates back to 1905, and following years in tin and metal packaging, the company has focused on label printing since 2002, expanding through acquisitions and emergence in a total of 8 countries, including the UK, Poland, Thailand, India, and Kenya, in addition to the Scandinavian countries.

Eirik Bergh ved maskin
Photo credit: Per Øyvind Nordberg, Emballasjeforeningen Norway (DNE) 12.2019 - Packnews

Müroll GmbH Invests in their first Nilpeter FA-22
Müroll GmbH, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of adhesive tape, has invested in the company’s first Nilpeter FA-22. Müroll GmbH is based in Frastanz, Austria, and has an additional two European production sites.
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200 Million m² of Self-Adhesive Tape
In Frastanz alone, in the company’s 25,000 m² production and storage facilities, nearly 200 million m² of self-adhesive tape are produced using polypropylene (BOPP / MOPP), PVC, and paper substrates. At this, the parent plant, the first 570 mm web width Nilpeter FA-Line for water-based inks has now been installed.

Maximum Efficiency
At the start, the machine was designed for the production of paper materials, which are used for adhesive roll cores, tickets, and other paper products. However, in order to expand the possible product portfolio in advance, the machine is also equipped with a rotary die-cutter, a cross-over unit, and expansion options for UV- and LED-drying. This alternative drying technology can subsequently also be used in combination with the existing hot air drying system. Due to the high degree of automation, the short web path, and the significantly reduced waste, even very small jobs can be produced with maximum efficiency.

Maintaining Competitiveness at the Highest Level
Kurt Pichler, Managing Director of Müroll GmbH, comments, "In our industry, we see continuing reduction of job sizes, shorter product life cycles for our customers, and strong international competition. As a producer in a relatively high-wage environment, you have to maintain your own competitiveness at the highest level using state-of-the-art machine technology and efficiency. Our new Nilpeter FA-22 provides massive support in this effort."

Furthermore, through Müroll GmbH’s subsidiary Logett GmbH, which specializes in the production of self-adhesive labels, there is also access to further market segments, which opens up additional synergy effects with the new FA-22.

Expanding Capacities in Response to Rising Demand
Märkische Etiketten, Germany, installs another FA printing press from Danish manufacturer Nilpeter.
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Märkische Etiketten GmbH, a leading German label and packaging converter, has expanded the fleet of machines at its Müncheberg site near Berlin, adding another press from Danish manufacturer Nilpeter. The company was in need of a new system after experiencing steadily rising demand in multiple segments. Add to that high, sometimes very specific, customer requirements, calling for consistent quality and quick turnarounds. “To continue to meet these demands in a cost-efficient way, we decided once more to go with Nilpeter from Denmark, our long-standing technology partner”, says General Manager Henning Schwenke.

Expanding capacities with innovative technology
Having compared different options, Märkische Etiketten opted for a Nilpeter FA printing press for its label printing needs. “Our decision was based mainly on two factors: Our need to significantly expand capacities and our mission to select only the most innovative technologies around in order to further strengthen our market position”, explains Ivo Lambrecht, Head of Marketing and Sales. “The Nilpeter FA is a versatile and highly cost-efficient flexo press that fits in perfectly with our existing fleet. Operators can run the system with ease thanks to its leading-edge user interface and mobile print controls. And the FA is highly scalable: Upgrades can be implemented at any time without much cost or effort. Now we can meet the demands of the market and our customers are faster and better than ever before.” 

The Nilpeter FA flexo press installed at Märkische Etiketten represents an entirely new machine generation launched in 2017. In designing the new model, Nilpeter kept its focus on streamlining machine operation to the greatest possible extent. The result is what the company calls its “Clean Hand” technology. By minimising hands-on machine interaction, the operator’s hands are literally kept “clean”, ensuring safe work practices and enabling intuitive production control. 

Automated features and mobile control
The FA user interface is state-of-the-art, eliminating traditional controls and quick-lock handles from the entire machine. All features can be easily controlled using touch buttons or a mobile tablet. This technology, of particular appeal to the latest operator generation, taps the full potential of streamlined, efficient production processes. The wireless tablet is HTML-based, ensuring instant press reactions to print settings entered. Using multiple tablets, several operators can control different parameters of a job simultaneously.

Numerous press features have been automated. For instance, the anilox roller comes with an automatic cleaning routine that is run before the roller is released. All printing unit covers can be opened individually or simultaneously. Data for each job are automatically stored and kept available for repeat orders. When the next job comes up, the machine configures itself based on this data pool (e.g. auto register) – simple, streamlined operation at its best, thanks to smart technology.

Web stability and sleeve auto-lock
Web handling is a major part of print quality. That is why the new Nilpeter FA incorporates web-driven impression rollers fitted with a special anti-slip surface. Separated from the chill rollers, these cylinders help ensure optimum web control for all substrates. Driven chill rollers further stabilise the web and minimise the risk of bar marking.

Last but not least, the printing cylinder sleeves are held in place by an automatic, motor-driven locking mechanism. This vertical auto-lock system further enhances precision and stability in the printing process, minimising unwanted effects such as bouncing and bar marking.

Grupo Lappí Etiquetas Acquires New Nilpeter FA-17
Grupo Lappí Etiquetas of Spain has signed for the acquisition of a new Nilpeter FA-17, with Nilpeter agent, Maquinaria Esagraf SLU.
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Demanding Parameters and Procedures
“When we at Grupo Lappí make a decision to acquire new equipment, it is usually done with quite demanding parameters and procedures created internally, by our experienced team of professionals. We subject the different brands and their teams to maximum stress, in order to uncover the highest performance in print quality, speed, stability, online adjustments, and other KPIs of interest,” says Mr. Antonio Lappi, President & CEO of Grupo Lappí Etiquetas.

Competitive Improvements
“When we decide on a manufacturer and their technology, in this case NILPETER, we also like to know what other possibilities the equipment can provide, in case of new challenges that we can undertake in other markets or business areas. Currently in Grupo Lappí we print several products reel-to-reel, pressure-sensitive labels, sleeves, and wrap-arounds, with different substrates and qualities. We are sure that our new Nilpeter FA-17 will bring us competitive improvements and great performance in our production center,” Mr. Antonio Lappi continues.

Great Expectations
“In Grupo Lappí we are already very clear about the partner we want for the future in narrow-web flexo technology. Nilpeter have met all the demands we put on the table, and we expect a lot from this partnership,” Mr. Antonio Lappi concludes.

Ideal Printing Partners
“At Maquinaria Esagraf, we are very happy to continue our relationship with Lappí, one that started in the 1980's when they bought a B-200, one of the first rotary letterpresses in our country. Today, Lappí is a growing company with a young and professional management team, and we are sure that Nilpeter and Maquinaria Esagraf will be the ideal printing partners for them,” says Enric Vela, Sales Director at Maquinaria Esagraf SLU.


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