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Adhesivos Romero Garcia recently acquired a new Nilpeter FA-17
Building on a long-standing relationship, the story of Spanish company Adhesivos Romero Garcia and Nilpeter is one that spans multiple generations of Nilpeter presses. From the initial acquisition of a Nilpeter F-200, to the subsequent additions of two F-240s and two FB-330s, the partnership has now reached a new milestone with the acquisition of the latest FA-17 press. 
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Adhesivos Romero Garcia is a company located in Beniaján, (Murcia), which has been dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and marketing of adhesive labels since 1987.

The company has grown since its inception thanks to the integration and adaptation of new technologies in its production plant to keep pace with a complex and evolving market over the years, resulting in a leading and benchmark company in the label manufacturing market.

We spoke with Angel Garcia, Manager of the company, to tell us about his experience and the reasons why they have decided to invest in a Nilpeter again.

What is the company's current situation?

Right now, Adhesivos Romero Garcia is in a moment of renovation and full development. We have acquired an additional warehouse, next to the current one, so we are growing in all aspects.

About the new Nilpeter FA-17, what production requirements made you decide to incorporate this new press in the production plant?

Personally, I have always had the conviction that to do a good job, to offer quality, you have to work with the best brands. We have worked with Nilpeter for 30 years and the experience has always been good. A press like this involves a large investment, but we ensure that we obtain the best results this way.

Why have you chosen to invest in Nilpeter during this period of growth? Has your previous experience with the brand influenced your decision?

Of course, as I said, our previous experience with Nilpeter has been very important. We have been working with Nilpeter and Esagraf for many years. In addition to our experience with the equipment, our experience with Esagraf, which has always been at our disposal, has also influenced us. Esagraf serves as the bridge, and our longstanding familiarity with the team has solidified our trust in their professionalism and reliability.

What predictions do you have for future business results with the new Nilpeter press?

Seeing how we have worked with previous equipment, we predict a very good return on investment. Firstly, because of the durability we have observed with the previous presses, and also because we believe this press will be twice as economical as any other we have, considering that it works at twice the speed and with a more substantial bandwidth.

A very important point regarding this new addition is, that it's not only me being convinced that the FA-17 is the best purchase, that can be made. It's a common decision; the whole company - both management and machine operators are sure that we have made the right decision.

The press is expected to be installed during the Summer 2023 at the Adhesivos Romero Garcia’s facilities.

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Romero Garcia and the Nilpeter team at the FAT at Nilpeter headquarters in Denmark

FAT Nilpeter

Exterior Romero Garcia


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