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Inspiring visit with DLA at Olympus Print Group
Last week, Nilpeter joined fellow members of the Danish Label Association (DLA) for an inspiring visit to Olympus Print Group Ltd. in Leeds, England.
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During the visit we experienced Olympus’ advanced production setup – with six Nilpeter presses on the floor - and got a glimpse into their planning and sales practices. Olympus is very focused on efficiency and sustainability, thus putting a great deal of effort into limiting waste in both setup and job processes.

The company has seen solid growth over the past many years, primarily in the field of high-end value-adding labels in combination print - flexo with hot foil, screen, cross-over, and so forth.

Scroll down to see a selection of photos from the day, and click here to read about Olympus latest Nilpeter acquisition. Thank you, again, to DLA, Adrian Brown, and his wonderful team at Olympus Print.







In the Spotlight at Flexo & Labels 2019 in Brasil
Nilpeter took center stage at Flexo & Labels 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brasil from March 19 - 21.
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At the show, we highlighted our impressive centenary, and presented the FB-350S automated UV-flexo press, featuring a Fuji LED system, Nikka 100% inspection equipment, and a Lundberg Waste Management System.

Impressive turnout
The press, quite possibly the most modern, high-tech piece of equipment of the entire show, drew a lot of attention during press demonstrations where pressure sensitive (PS) labels and shrink sleeves were produced at speeds of up to 200 m/min.

A tour of technology and innovation
Also on display at the Nilpeter booth was the new Compact finishing line from REFINE Finishing - a successful official worldwide launch, we might ad. The Compact is a user-friendly, software-based converting solution in a sleek, compact design, taking up less floor space than any other machine of its kind in the market.  


Last but not least, the booth also featured flat precise plate mounting equipment from Heeford, and entry-level digital printing equipment from Trojanlabel, for a full tour of technology and innovation. 

Brand-new Technology Center

Nilpeter concluded a number of press deals during the show, but more importantly, got in contact with many new customers and scheduled showings at our brand-new Technology Center in Sao Paolo, Brasil. 

All the equipment displayed at Flexo & Labels is already installed at the Technology Center, so please contact us if you are interested in visiting us and seeing our latest innovations in a lean production environment.

Nilpeter Appoints New Senior Sales Consultant in Northeastern USA
Nilpeter is pleased to announce a restructuring of our partner support in the Northeast region of the United States.
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Effective February 18, 2019, Walt Mesik has taken over sales and partner support of the region. Walt Mesik brings with him a wealth of knowledge and support to continue Nilpeter’s presence as the premier press manufacturer.

Vast Experience

Walt Mesik has over 25 years of narrow-web printing experience as a professional solutions provider. Over the past 18 years, Mesik has been the owner of Flexo Solutions, providing engineering and custom application support for converters across America. Walt Mesik also has a vast background in narrow-web press manufacturing and support, with tenures at Webtron, Aquaflex, and even as a past Nilpeter employee.

No Better Person for This Role

“There is no better person to step into his role than Walt Mesik. He will hit the ground running without hesitation. Nilpeter is very fortunate to have the depth of resources that continues to make our brand stronger. We know our partners will be in very good hands and are excited for Walt’s return to Nilpeter,” says Paul Teachout, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Nilpeter USA Inc.

Direct contact:
Walt Mesik
Northeastern Senior Sales Consultant
Nilpeter USA Inc.
Tel: +1 513-315-0884


Nilpeter Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation
May 1, 2019 will be a special day at Nilpeter Headquarters in Slagelse, Denmark, as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary.
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May 1, 2019 will be a special day at Nilpeter Headquarters in Slagelse, Denmark, as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary. Founded by two old friends in 1919, Nilpeter started out servicing newspaper printing machines in central Copenhagen, before launching its first semi-rotary printing press, The Simplex, in 1924, which in various versions remained part of the company’s product range until the 70s.
With the introduction of the self-adhesive substrate, Nilpeter targeted its business towards the label market, and the rest is history. To this day, Nilpeter remains family-owned and -managed, with Lars Eriksen and Peter Eriksen, father and son, and the 3rd and 4th generation of owners, leading the company towards new historical milestones.


Caption: 100 years in the making, Nilpeter remains a family-owned business. Lars Eriksen and Peter Eriksen, the 3rd and 4th generation of owners, lead Nilpeter towards new historical milestones.

Global Manufacturing and Customer Care

Today, Nilpeter manufactures printing presses for labels and flexible packaging on three continents: Europe, North America, and Asia. Consistent quality is a key driver, achieved through in-house manufacturing of all vital components, high levels of automation, and comprehensive quality control.Nilpeter has a number of subsidiaries, which supports the company’s global Customer Care strategy to deliver a high level of customer support to both the local and the multinational printing companies.

Clean Design Lines

The Nilpeter press design has always been easily recognisable. The Danish tradition for clean design lines mixed with a high level of functionality is a constant priority in the development phase, and is evident in today’s product lines. Nilpeter’s developments in press design cater to a new generation of machine operators that requests a modern operator interface and intuitive handling.

Technology on Display

The 5 modern Technology Centers located in Denmark, USA, Thailand, India, and Brasil have the latest Nilpeter products on display and provide the perfect scene for engaging with printers. Moreover, co-suppliers and industry partners utilise the facilities to test new technology trends in a local setting.

NEWS_100-years_Cube_storyCaption: Nilpeter presses delivered in the anniversary year, 2019, will be equipped with a special “100 YEARS OF INNOVATION” emblem.

A Strong Vision for the Future

Throughout the years, Nilpeter has pushed the boundaries of technical excellence and created many significant innovations that have shaped the label printing industry – innovations, such as UV-flexo printing, drop-in rotary screen printing, and the first true platform-based offset press. Today, Nilpeter is a healthy company with a strong vision for the future.

Quote Lars Eriksen, President & CEO, Nilpeter A/S:

“The Nilpeter brand is positioned stronger than ever due to years of important partnerships and product innovations. We value partnerships – with customers, suppliers, and industry partners alike. We strive to share our experience and work closely with leading technology providers, in order to generate value with and for our customers. Inspired by the latest technological trends, our skilled, intelligent workforce is constantly developing and implementing new solutions, allowing us to remain a driving, innovative force in the printing industry. While we benefit from 100 years of experience, we are not rooted in what has worked in the past, but focused on what will work in the future. That is the essence of …your printing partner.”

A Yearlong Celebration

Nilpeter looks forward to celebrating 100 YEARS OF INNOVATION with employees, customers, partners, and suppliers, marking the anniversary in various ways throughout the year.

40 Years of Flexo - excerpt from Labels & Labeling

Nilpeter introduced its first inline flexo press in the late seventies. At this time, the ink system was either water or solvent-based. 

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Nilpeter has been at the forefront of innovative flexo printing presses within the narrow-web market for decades. In 1977, Nilpeter introduces the first full rotary flexo press to the label printing market called the F-200. And then in 1985, Nilpeter is the first to launch the UV-based flexo press to the market. The Introduction of the sleeve-based FA-Line for labels and flexible packaging creates a new industry standard within flexo printing in 2004.

Flexo- and UV-Letterpress

The inline UV-Letterpress was introduced in the beginning of the eighties, and both technologies had advantages over the other. Flexo was less expensive, had digital colour change (anilox), simpler print setting, lower web tensions, etc. However, the UV-Letterpress had finer screen (less transfer point and harder plates), instant ink curing, analogue colour control, constant colour strength, fewer wash ups, etc.

40 years of Flexo Nilpetery

Image: Three generations of Nilpeter presses

UV-flexo was first introduced as an inline varnish process for the UV-Letterpress. This development made it possible for Nilpeter to supply flexo machines configured for running with UV-Flexo inks, thereby incorporating some of the advantages of the UV-Letterpress.

In the beginning of the nineties, the developments of printing plates, anilox rollers, and ink for UV-flexo had reached a point, where the difference in print quality between the two technologies became smaller and smaller.

An Increasing in UV-Print

In the mid-nineties the on-going development in UV-Flexo had reached a point where about 10% of the flexo presses were equipped for printing UV-Flexo. During the next decade, the number of flexo presses equipped for UV-printing raised to 90% of presses built.

During that same period, the demand for new UV-Letterpresses was reduced, and the product line was discontinued due to the competition from UV-Flexo and from inline UV-Offset.

Servo drives were first used in Nilpeter flexo presses in the mid 00s. At this time, the servo drives replaced main shaft and bevel gears, which were a weak point (vibrations, etc.) in flexo printing.

The Beginning of Automation

In later press designs, servo drives have replaced not only main shaft and bevel gears but also format gears. This print head design with servo drive and steering by wire has brought the level of automation to a point, where job settings can be stored and reloaded with an accuracy, which brings the need for operator adjustments to a minimum. 

We now see an on-going development in plate and anilox technology, which will increase predictability of printing quality to a level, where the differences between flexo and offset is reduced. 

Another important point in the future is the current development in curing technology and inks.

The New Tomorrow

Today, the need for stability and accuracy of the press mechanics is pivotal, if the benefits of the electronic controls are to be fully exploited. There is no advantage to storing hundreds of positions of the moving parts, if the flexo press platform itself isn’t accurate. 

Nilpeter has chosen to invest in in-house manufacturing of parts to control the quality, stability, and accuracy across the product lines. This is the way forward to exploit new technologies such as IA, IoT, and remote diagnostics for instant support.

Label and Package Printing Industry Predictions for 2019

From a technological point of view, our industry is refining existing solutions left, right, and center. L&L reports:

Image collection:

Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director at Nilpeter:

"With the aim to improve performance and accelerate sustainability, we anticipate the growth of 2018 to be lower than 2017 in terms of printed square meters. Converters are focused on replacing obsolete technology with high efficient solutions, both conventional and digital. More and more turn their focus to niche areas, such as short-run flexible packaging and ECL, avoiding the downsides to commodity printing, creating a huge market for modern technology with multi-substrate and application capabilities.

The borders between different product decoration techniques will disappear, and narrow-web converters will continue to increase their abilities and offerings in a large number of applications, such as self-adhesive labels, in-mold, tube laminates, and shrink sleeves. We also predict that inkjet hybrid solutions, personalization and event-specific labeling and decoration will gain an even stronger position, and additional market share.

However, with today’s political and financial climate, we will experience unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Even the stable world has become unpredictable. Nevertheless, one thing is certain with 2019 to be a year of anniversary. Nilpeter will turn 100 years old as a family-owned company, currently managed by third and fourth generations."

2018 brochurer86cmx86cm_poster_TECHNOLOGY CENTER 2018 No Dots HighRes_Page_2Click to watch the image: The Journey of Innovation, in full size

 Read the full article about label and package printing industry predictions for 2019 in L&L

Chennai is the global hub for the FB-Line

Chennai is now the global hub for Nilpeter’s FB-Line which is being exported to North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Mahan Hazarika of The Packman reports:

Image collection:

Recently, the Danish printing press manufacturer opened a new manufacturing and development facility in Chennai. It may be recalled that the FB-Line is currently manufactured only in India, as production in the US was discontinued in 2017. Earlier, the FB-Line was manufactured both in the US and India.

_DSC2723x700Manish Kapoor, Alan Barretto and Jakob Landberg of Nilpeter with the FB-350 at Labelexpo India 2018

Explaining the reason for taking FB-Line to a single-site production, Alan Barretto, managing director of Nilpeter India, said, “Nilpeter’s other product line, the FA, is made in US and Denmark, while Denmark also makes the MO-Line. So we kind of rationalized our production lines and started manufacturing the FB-Line in Chennai. In next one year, we are targeting to manufacture 24 presses in Chennai – however, I think we will have to ramp it up to at least 36 presses, that is at least three presses a month. Of this, 10 to 20% will be sold in India. The scope in India for our company to grow is immense because now we are the global supplier of this machine.”

_DSC2763x700At Labelexpo India 2018, Nilpeter had the FB-350 on display

“And this also means that we are exporting various parts of the machines – that we are building in India – to Europe, America, Latin America, South East Asia and Africa. So, we have more than doubled our capacity in Chennai but we still need more capacity,” added sales and marketing director of Nilpeter, Jakob Landberg, after Barretto. In fact, the land area at Nilpeter’s new center has space for additional expansion over time.

An FB-Line press rolled out from Nilpeter’s new expanded factory received great appreciation when it was displayed for the first time at the recently concluded Labelexpo India 2018 exhibition in Greater Noida. It was in fact one of the showstoppers of the event with lots of people crowding the Nilpeter stand all through the exhibition days. “The press displayed at the Labelexpo India event was the new generation FB-350 with new frame and structure with increased automation over the old FB-3300. We have introduced two new features on this press: the flatbed foiling system FP-4, a product made in Denmark, incorporated within the flexo units; and end-of-the-line automation,” explained Barretto.

“What we showed at the event was a unique combination of foiling, hot foiling and embossing on beautiful wine labels. At the end of the press, we had put a starwheel stacker and we went from the roll directly to cut out glue labels,” said Barretto. According to Barretto, “no other competitors have a hot foiling system as integrate-able as we have.” He added, “There are companies which make hot stamping systems but that is offline. While for inline hot stamping systems, it is a very expensive proposition when it comes from our competitors. On the other hand, for the stacking system, no other companies develop end-of-the-line automation like we do.”

Need for more capacity in store
The Indian retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries due to the entry of several new players. “However, it has not reached the level where it should be today. Once that really happens, then there will be more business for everyone – the machine manufacturers as well as the printers. Right now, the average consumption of labels is still quite low in India. I come to India twice a year and every time I come, I see new shopping centers and retail shops coming up. So, that market is definitely growing. That of course means that in times to come there will be need for more capacity rather than having an overcapacity,” said Landberg.


The Nilpeter team in front of the FB-350 at Labelexpo India 2018 exhibition

The future – tip of an iceberg so far
“The label market will continue to grow but as it continues to grow so will be the need for automation. It is a very fluid situation right now,” said Baretto.

“Most of the people we were talking to at the Labelexpo India exhibition were commercial printers. More and more commercial printers are looking at the label industry either as a means of diversification or as a means of reducing their dependence on commercial printing because of opportunities the label industry holds. It is a market where you have an opportunity to differentiate and that is why we at Nilpeter introduce new developments and innovations so that label printers can differentiate their products and rather than just fighting on price, he can fight on features, service, brilliance and functionality of labels. We have only seen the tip of an iceberg so far – there is a lot of opportunities ahead of us,” concluded Landberg.

Read the full article here

Offset printer orders FB-3300 press
Offset printer Novelty Creations orders Nilpeter FB330 press. Aakriti Agarwal of Labels & Labeling reports.
Image collection:

Gujarat, India-based converter Novelty Creations has invested in an 8-color Nilpeter FB-3300 press as the offset printer looks to diversify into roll-to-roll label production.

Baby Joseph of Novelty Creations said: ‘We are an offset label printer and print high volume jobs from 50,000 to 100,000 labels for the agrochemical industry, and we cater to pharmaceutical industry as well.

‘We felt the need to convert labels in roll-to-roll form so have opted for a UV flexo press with value-added features such as cold foil, delam/relam and turnbar, among others. This will not only speed up production but also will give high quality labels to our customers.’ 
‘It is a modular machine and any unit can be retrofitted to it according to the customer’s requirement,’ said Manish Kapoor, country head of sales at Nilpeter India.

Novelty CreationsFrom left: Mr. Manish Kapoor, Baby Joseph of Novelty Creations, Sathish Khanna, and Alan Baretto

Novelty Creations will soon open a new factory for its flexo business in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. The company is also evaluating slitting, rewinding and inspection systems at Labelexpo India.

Of the response received at the show, Kapoor added: ‘We have seen people from Bangladesh, Rajkot, Kochi and Sri Lanka who we met at roadshows and who have visited Labelexpo India this time. We are pleased with the response received here this year.’

See the article here: Labels and Labeling

Cambridge Label about the impact of the FA
Deanne Sinclair, GM and owner of Cambridge Label, joined packagePRINTING to discuss the impact the press has had on the company.
Image collection:

Cambridge Label

Cambridge Label is the largest printer of trade labels in Canada. As a label supplier exclusively for trade, Cambridge Label manufactures custom printed labels in quantities as few as 100, and up to several million. Cambridge Label specializes in print for food and beverage, health and beauty, household products, industrial products, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical, as well as medical facilities.

Cambridge Label PackagingPrinting Story

Click to watch: Deanne Sinclair, GM and owner of Cambridge Label, joined packagePRINTING to discuss the impact the press has had on the company

Cambridge Label takes innovative step forward

with the new FA

This business model perfectly suits Cambridge Label’s latest investment into The All New FA flexo press from Nilpeter. The All New FA is an innovative press designed and manufactured for the modern press operator. With intuitive operations and high automation, the FA is the ideal solution for consistent and repeatable manufacturing of high quality products. The fully automated 8-colour 17-inch wide press is equipped with full UV and a wealth of value-added features. The FA allows CambridgeLabel to continue serving existing customers more efficiently, while creating new application opportunities.

“Our primary focus is on manufacturing high quality products while providing superior customer service, and fast on-time delivery,” says Terry Sinclair, President and Owner of Cambridge Label. “We strive to deliver in 3-5 days. In this business everyone wants it yesterday, and the quicker, you can deliver, the better. In order to deliver a high quality product quickly and consistently, you need to invest in the best equipment possible.”

“We were drawn to the FA because of its efficiency and improved print quality. We anticipate we will be able to nearly double our print speeds, while also drastically decrease our press setup times. These time savings will translate into more competitive pricing for our customers, allowing us to win more long-run jobs,” says Terry Sinclair.

“In addition, the FA registers amazingly well at high speeds, allowing us to print the most technically challenging labels efficiently. We currently have a high quality digital label press, and matching the digital print quality on our existing flexo pressesm while also maintaining efficiency, has proven challenging at times. We don’t foresee that challenge anymore given the capabilities of the new FA,” he continues.

“Nilpeter has always been a good supplier to us, offering timely support and advice whenever needed. We are excited to take this innovative step forward with Nilpeter at our side,” Terry Sinclair concludes.

New generation FB-Line at Labelexpo India 2018
At Labelexpo India 2018, Nilpeter will showcase their new generation FB-Line: The 16” FB-430. The press configuration on display is a unique combination of flexo, gravure, hot foil, and cold foil.
Image collection:

Join us at stand #F15 and experience a wide variety of jobs including pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves, and In-Mould Labels run during the show.

Nilpeter will demonstrate the strength of their array of value-adding units such as the Gravure Unit, the FP-4 for hot foil and embossing, die-cutting solutions, as well as specialized conveying and stacking solutions.

We welcome you all on November 22 – 25, at the India EXPO CENTRE & MART, Greater Noida, Dehli NCR. Labelexpo India is the largest event for the label and package printing industry in South Asia.


Your Starting Line for High Performance

The FB-Line represents the latest generation of highly efficient label printing. Nilpeter has added a large number of innovative features and packaged the machine in an attractive, new design.

The new FB-Line is an answer to the request for increased automation, higher ease of use, and operator friendliness.

The new FB is introduced with a number of added features such as Automated Plate Positioning System (APPS), pre-register and re-register functionality. The new FB is designed to print value-added labels in the most efficient way at high speeds. While the new FB looks entirely different, it will still feel intuitive to the printer already accustomed to work on the popular FB-Line.

Click to read more


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