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Olympus Print Group

Olympus was established in 1993. Originally known as Olympus Labels, they introduced digital print in 2014 which led to a rebrand and name change! As the company continues to develop, their team keeps growing and they now have over 75 members of staff. From their sales and account managers to production team, they work together to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Adrian Brown, managing director of Olympus Print Group storyAdrian Brown, managing director of Olympus Print Group

With a dedicated technical team, Olympus Print Group is constantly developing new and advanced techniques and products; by investing in new technologies, innovation and people, they will continue to meet their customers’ ever changing requirements.

Nilpeter_FA-4X 605px

Olympus Print Group, UK specialists in self-adhesive labels and large format digital print, has increased capacity and market share in wine and beverage and high-end labels, with the acquisition of three Nilpeter FA-4* flexo presses over the course of the last 18 months.

“The expansion began three years ago when we moved to a large new factory here in Pudsey outside of Leeds. Nilpeter’s 24-hour hotline was a big help during the move, where we transported our six existing FA-4/FB-presses along with other production equipment. Once everything was sorted with machinery and staff we took the next step in our expansion plan – adding new machinery to complement the capacity of our combination flexo and InkJet digital presses and increasing our capabilities to better serve customers in wine and beverage, among others,” says Adrian Brown, Managing Director at Olympus Print Group.

The Perfect Solution for Olympus

“We’re ecstatic to continue our cooperation with Adrian and Olympus. The new FA-4* presses offer the perfect solution for their venture – and success – into high-end wine and beverage labels, while meeting the growing global trend of short run jobs and small repeat lengths. It has been a pleasure working with Olympus on their old presses, the factory relocation, and last but not least with their newest press acquisitions. We look forward to continuing this great partnership, helping with overall press service and maintenance, and growing their print capabilities and portfolio,” says Nick Hughes, Managing Director at Nilpeter Ltd.

Increased Capacity with a Soft Learning Curve

“The expansion and acquisition of three new presses was largely customer-driven; new work came our way, orders were up, and we saw more requests for high-end label features and value-added embellishments. The result has been impressive both for customers and staff – and we couldn’t be happier. Since adding the three FA-4* presses we have doubled our capacities in foiling and embossing, and increased our screenprinting capacity. The new presses offer technical compatibility, and the ease-of-use provides a soft learning curve for printers and new apprentices” Adrian Brown, Olympus, concludes.


Corporate Head Office

Elmedalsvej 20-22,

Slagelse, DK-4200, Denmark

Phone: +45 58501166

Fax: +45 58505060


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