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Attracting the Next Generation of Printers

As the next generation is quickly taking over and our workforce is turning over faster and faster, new press designs that embrace disruptive technologies and clean-hand solutions are a must. These new generation presses must be faster, better, and easier to operate than ever before. That is Nilpeter’s goal, it’s our mission, and the innovation to do so is in our DNA.

As we endeavour into the next century, our innovation will continue to lead us through new packaging trends and converter requirements. Nilpeter continues to look forward and stay close to our converter partners to determine what their needs will be five years from now and offer the most sophisticated and technologically advanced offerings that create converter growth and opportunities.

Disruptive technologies will continue to influence packaging design and printing trends. Virtual and augmented reality solutions will be commonplace at the consumer level, interactive packaging is right in front of us. We must embrace these technologies and manage them into our machine designs and production workflows. Nilpeter’s new developments in machine design will embrace the new generation of machine operators and converter needs. With the millennial generation now being the largest workforce in the world we must appeal to the Millenniums and Generation Z to maintain a fluid and balanced workforce.  Presses with the fastest changeovers and minimal waste are to be expected, our current machine innovations are clean hand technology solutions for a generation who has been raised on disruptive technologies.  CPG and retail trends are indicating more and more smart and interactive packaging designs. Smart packaging requires smart presses that appeal to a younger generation of machine operators and consumers. E-tail and retail packaging trends will continue to influence new packaging design. The sooner we prepare for these trends, the sooner converters will capitalise on CPG compliance concerns, workforce stability, and capturing new market opportunities. CPG companies continue to look for converters who are embracing these emerging trends, as well as sustainability compliance requirements. These new innovations will provide the solutions our partners need to advance into the next generation of packaging design and production.

A key focus here at Nilpeter is preparing for a shrinking Generation X workforce that is retiring or moving on faster than we can replace them. We are preparing for a new generation of dynamic packaging design that will offer innovations in security, anti counterfeiting, printed electronics, and so much more. Our next generation platforms are prepared to meet this challenge by offering sophisticated solutions that engage with a new workforce. Platforms designed with smart controls, wireless operation, CLEANINKING systems and Nilpeter’s own clean hand technologies. We must provide sophisticated, appealing technology that can be operated with a scientific and methodical approach to appeal to a generation raised on clean hand solutions. The craft is being left behind; we are now in a generation of scientific printing methods, controlled by the numbers and applied to an automated clean hand converting solution.


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