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Food & Beverage


Food and beverage labels, the largest segments on the prime label market, are produced in great volumes to the retail industry. The industry covers such varied products as soft drinks, nuts, candy, meat, poultry, seafood products, dressings, soups, pastries, dairy products, and the list goes on...

Need for Product Optimisation
However, as the various online marketing channels take up increasingly more space in our everyday lives, we see more frequent transformation of product images. This trend explains the shift in the value chain towards smaller stock, and in the light of development, the converter’s production must be LEAN to remain profitable – also within food and beverage labelling.
Equip yourself for this challenge by attending an individual Nilpeter LEAN training course in production optimisation. You can reduce your production time considerably with astonishingly little effort. Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the LEAN concepts. We provide you with information and guidance about LEAN in label printing.
Read more here.

Promotional Labels
Another trend within food and beverage is the increased use of promotional labels. These labels tend to raise consumer engagement by adding content, typically recipes, games, or vouchers. To achieve such dual web labels, we offer the advanced Nilpeter cross-over unit, which is the perfect vehicle for producing multi-layer labels. It enables production of intricate coupons in a number of ways with different features and embellishments. With this unit, you are capable of combining inline front- and back-printed self-adhesive substrates into coupons.

Offset Gains Ground
Large retailers, such as the discounter Lidl, are beginning to expand their assortment of private labels to include premium private labels. Lidl has strict demands on their labels’ appearance to match the offset printed packaging in general. The labels must be printed with offset for optimum quality.

More Focus on Food Safety
All around the world, we see increased legislative pressures regarding contamination of packaged foods. We follow judicial developments closely to be able to guide our customers in the best possible way.

Your Challenge is Our Commitment
The Nilpeter lines of presses are designed to overcome the challenges faced by the label converter in terms of flexible use of presses and potentially combining different press technologies to provide the best service at the best price. You can add value to your labels with cold foil, lamination, consecutive numbering, and much more.

Depending on your label volumes and requirements, you may opt for Nilpeter’s digital PANORAMA, flexo FA-Line, flexo FB-Line, or offset MO-Line.

Also read about Nilpeter’s solutions for Wine & Spirits.

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