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Technology Centers

Nilpeter’s state-of-the-art Technology Centers in Denmark, the USA, Thailand, Brazil, and India serve as the perfect showcase for groundbreaking ideas and innovations. A place, where ideas, advances in technology and the benefits they bring, are presented in an organised, end-user environment – and where you get behind the ropes and get hands-on experience.

The Technology Centers host a large space for operating presses, a well-equipped prepress area, customer lounge, as well as training and meeting rooms - in total, more than 750 square meters of sophisticated facilities.


The Technology Centers’ multi-lingual teams give demonstrations to a great variety of visitors from all over the world. You have access to a range of ready-to-print jobs to show the full potential of our machines, just as we are prepared to print any job our customers and partners would like to see


You will experience printing demonstrations on standard jobs or your own specific jobs. It's up to you. Your choice of printing technologies is wide: 

  • Flexo
  • Offset
  • Digital
  • Screen
  • Hot foil
  • Cold foil
  • Embossing

… and a number of different auxiliaries for different applications, such as de-/relamination, turnbar, stretch module, etc.


Along with the presses, the showcase offers a complete LEAN-manufacturing setup, and by providing a wide variety of test runs, stop-motion tests, and unique integrated applications in a true end-user environment, along with scheduled demos of labels and flexible packaging, the Technology Centers will show how individual, or combined technologies can solve concrete problems in new and profit-optimising ways.

Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the LEAN concepts. We provide you with information and guidance about LEAN in label printing:

  • 5S
  • SMED
  • Kaizen
  • How to get started/successful implementation
  • A LEAN package: Trolleys and tooling for pit-stop changeovers and press-room organisation
  • Machinery for efficient label production (various cleaning equipment, automatic plate mounting, etc.)


A large part of label printers face the challenge of finding the right combination of material, ink, printing plates, tape, anilox, etc.. In the Technology Centers, we see it as our task not only to help our customers become more productive through LEAN tools and methods, but also to help them achieve the highest possible printing quality at lowest possible cost and effort. That is why we continuously test all of the above-mentioned components in our effort to be your best …printing partner.


Defining what is the highest possible printing quality at lowest possible cost and effort requires a proper proofing setup. Nilpeter has made an agreement with x-Rite Pantone, who is the leading global supplier of proofing equipment in the graphic industry. The purpose is to take the subjective opinion of the printer or viewer out of the equation and deliver colour matching as precise as the register on the machines.



Corporate Head Office

Elmedalsvej 20-22,

Slagelse, DK-4200, Denmark

Phone: +45 58501166

Fax: +45 58505060


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