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Best Label - Partnership

Best Label Inc. was formed in 1976 in Cerritos, CA, to meet the needs of a large manufacturing area, especially in the food and beverage applications, in and around Los Angeles. Within a few years, the Cerritos facility had become well known for producing high quality PS labels for companies throughout California and the West Coast.

Today, Best Label offer labelling services to all industries; Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Agriculture, Marketing Collateral, and Direct Mail & Forms – from company locations in Cerritos and Union City, CA, as well as Guadalajara, Mexico.


The Beginning - Upgrading their Equipment

The partnership between Nilpeter and Best Label began when the California-based printer set out to upgrade their production equipment. After a thorough research process, CEO John Crammer decided on the advanced Nilpeter FA-4* - NEEDED: details about the configuration: colours, special features, value-adding units etc., and equipped with GEW ArcLED drying technology.

What was the deciding factor for choosing the FA-4* as your newest piece of equipment?

“Well, the FA-4* is a press that really transcends – through technology and advancement - the capabilities that are currently available in old technology. The technology of this press in terms of graphic reproduction, quick changeover, and ultimately speed of the press, were the three deciding factors, that led to my decision to purchase the press.”

How does the FA-4* compare to your current fleet of presses?

It’s night and day, to answer your question. That is the comparison between the technology, that we were currently running, and what be brought the FA-4* in to do. Because of its technological advancement, the seven servos per head, the ability to basically register the job within the length of the press, the FA-4* just transcends the existing technology that we had.
Our existing technology could really be measured in terms of output. I can tell you that we have moth balled four presses with what we have added with the FA-4*. So, in relationship, we were able to knock off four presses and put in the FA-4* and handle the same workload - not only in a timely fashion, but exponentially less waste and ultimately a higher quality.

Are you happy with the way your press operators have received the FA-4* and are they happy working with this new technology?

When I first introduced it and showed them it was ran by an iPad, I had visions of them surfing the internet and everything else, but now with the advanced technology and the ease of use on the interface, our training period lasted a couple of weeks, and within that two week period the grasp was there.


Quite honestly, you need to take somebody, who is capable of understanding the technology and making the best use of it in terms of  speed, in terms of trusting in the press, trusting in the technology, and you will be rewarded tenfold.
It is very easy, after operating this piece of equipment for a week or two, to fully trust in what the capabilities are through the advanced technology.

When you now – six months down the track – look at your return on investment, are you a happy man?

Very happy, and I will be even happier in another six months.

Could your next piece of equipment be something similar?

Absolutely, my goal would be to purchase another FA-4* and have it on the floor in a year’s time, and do away with all the pre-existing technology. I believe in it that much.

Best Label and Nilpeter - Going Forward

At Nilpeter, we look forward to continuing our close relationship with John Crammer and Best Label – helping them add to an already impressive product portfolio, with increased efficiency and ease of use, and of course the highest quality of label and packing print.


Best Label Inc.

13260 Moore Street,
Cerritos, CA 90703
Phone: 562-926-1432,


Corporate Head Office

Elmedalsvej 20-22,

Slagelse, DK-4200, Denmark

Phone: +45 58501166

Fax: +45 58505060


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