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Grafical - Partnership

Grafical S.r.l. in Marano di Valpolicella, Italy was founded in 1984 by Andrea Lonardi. He was later joined by his three brothers Mario, Flavio, and Elio, and today, the four men run the business together. Sebastiano Lonardi, Andrea’s son, is also part of the management team. Grafical entered the label market back in 1988, and the production of adhesive labels today accounts for around 75% of sales revenue. An estimated 90% of the labels are produced for the wine industry; the remaining 10% are for food and cosmetics.


The Beginning – a Lift in Productivity

The partnership between Nilpeter and Grafical began when the Italian print house expanded into self-adhesive labelling, to meet increasing customer demands. Grafical decided on the Nilpeter MO-4, and they have not looked back since – recently adding their second Nilpeter offset press.

The MO-4 has given Grafical a major lift in productivity, especially for medium runs, and most wineries in Grafical’s client base have since switched to self-adhesive labelling, won over by the no-mess simplicity of handling, and the clean, smart finish. Before the MO-4 arrived in the printing shop, customers had to wait considerably longer for delivery. The MO-4 has delivered significant gains in productivity – not least because labels requiring screen-printing can be finished at one pass through the line. All in all, the many benefits for customers more than outweigh the slightly higher cost per label.


We have it all

“Outstanding label quality is the most important thing for our wine-producing customers. In order to achieve that, we need continuity, fast make-ready times, specialty features, and last but not least, excellent proactive service,” Sebastiano Lonardi says.

“With Nilpeter and the MO-4, we have it all. With state-of-the-art sleeve technology, hot foil with foil saving function, and the perfect Quick-Change Die, we have excelled. Furthermore, Nilpeter has helped us become lean, guiding us to the most clever solutions for high quality and material savings,” he continues.

“It was a gut feeling that made me buy our first MO-4, and with a great return on investment, I had no second thoughts when buying our second MO-4,” Sebastiano Lonardi concludes.

Mutually beneficial

The partnership with Grafical has also opened a lot of doors for us at Nilpeter. As a prelude to LabelExpo Europe 2013 in Brussels, Grafical opened their doors for a delegation of around 40 Brazilian converters, and gave a demonstration of a wine label job with six different hot foils, a complete job change, a combination job and a standard job. Finally, Grafical showed off a job run at 160 m/min on their offset flexo combination press.


Visitors were amazed by their professionalism, hospitality, and the impeccable demonstration. We at Nilpeter could not be more thankful for Grafical’s participation, and our continued business relationship.


Grafical S.r.l.

Via Dell'Artigianato, 42
37020 Marano di Valpolicella - VR


Corporate Head Office

Elmedalsvej 20-22,

Slagelse, DK-4200, Denmark

Phone: +45 58501166

Fax: +45 58505060


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