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FA-26: Stepping into the future has never looked this promising

By Walt Mesik, Senior Sales Consultant, Nilpeter USA, Inc.
June 2022:
The Nilpeter FA-26 is the result of merging new technology with a user-friendly design, creating an effective machine center that yields minimal downtime and scrap, while offering maximum performance. A clear sustainable solution.

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As technology advances, machine manufacturers are obligated to integrate the latest and greatest offerings into their products to remain competitive in the world of inline web printing. As a general direction as to what technology our customers desired, Nilpeter listened. We learned our customers largest challenges were increased SKU’s and reduced run lengths, as well as challenges to shift from pressure sensitive and paper substrates to unsupported films.

Already aware of the fact that the fastest growing market segment was flexible packaging, Nilpeter went to work creating the ultimate inline flexible packaging solution while addressing the customer needs. The Nilpeter FA-26 is the result of merging new technology with a user-friendly design, creating an effective machine center that yields minimal downtime and scrap, while offering maximum performance. A clear sustainable solution.


The FA-26 offers something for everyone – flexible packaging and value-added labels. All inline, sleeve-based anilox and plate roll. The robust unit construction, compact footprint, landscape design guarantee optimum register and consistent high print quality at all speeds. Designed to print with water-based and solvent inks, with UV, LED, and E-beam processes, the FA-26 is a winning combination for short and long run flexible package printing.


At a glance
A successful build relies on a solid foundation. The rigid one-piece steel frame guarantees our customers investment is long-term. The landscape style printhead offers superb printing quality & fast changeovers.

Temperature controlled ink chambers maintain ink temperatures throughout long runs at high speed – resulting in constant print density. Furthermore, the FA-26 features proven drying solutions for water base, solvent, UV, LED and E-beam inks, coatings & adhesives.


The ergonomics of the FA-26 offer a safe environment with every feature of the press designed to be accessed with “waist high” movements, and inline lamination utilizes floor level loading of heavy laminate rolls. Double-sided web printing (front/back) is exclusively accomplished with reversing printing stations eliminating the need for turn-bars. Multiple die-cutting solutions are available. Continuous operation-friendly design allows automatic unwind & rewind solutions as well as the standard Nilpeter roll-to-roll features.

Since introduction
Since the introduction, the FA-26 has exceeded customer expectations. With fast run speeds, industry leading Quick-Change features & job save/recall technology, the press uptime is maximized, and scrap amounts are minimized. Nilpeter customers have discovered In-The-Round sleeve technology (ITR) that allows them to run at speeds of 820 fpm (250 m/min), eliminating plate lift on smaller repeat sizes. ITR sleeves also reduce scrap significantly - when changing between jobs waste is regularly limited to 1 - 1-1/2 web lengths of the press regardless of the substrate webbed throughout the machine.

One of the tools Nilpeter has been using to help overcome the global labor shortage is using 100% inspection systems – every FA-26 to date has been delivered with such a quality control system.

Nilpeter understands your finished product needs will change to grow into new markets. As long as you have the floor space, the FA-26 can easily grow into whatever configuration is required to meet your needs. The modular construction allows for expanding the equipment’s abilities as new opportunities surface.

Nilpeter’s inline print finishing supports a wide range of substrates such as PP, PE, PET, and aluminum foil.

  • Die-cutting unit for quick job changes
  • Gravure unit for metallic inks, covering surfaces and coatings
  • Nilscreen system for special effects, braille, and opaque white


To quote
“Speaking as a Nilpeter representative, the most rewarding comment I have heard from an FA-26 customer is that “the FA-26 has proven itself to overproduce daily based on our ROI calculations. This has allowed us to investigate purchasing the next FA-26 for similar products in different locations that are currently struggling with competitor’s equipment,”” says Walt Mesik, Senior Sales Consultant, Nilpeter USA.

Working the press
For the FA-26, Nilpeter has taken into consideration that the operator can work the printing press without unnecessary handles. All functions on the press can be controlled via a touch panel on each printing unit. Nilpeter calls this intuitive concept "Clean-Hand” operation. Jobs can be saved logically and repeat jobs can be called up quickly. The entire operating concept is connected to Nilpeter's Power Link System. It meets the industry standard 4.0 and can be integrated into all common MIS-systems.

To conclude
Simply stated, the Nilpeter FA-26 has only begun to impress with its amazing performance results. Nilpeter delivered a press built with advanced automation, state-of-the-art quick-change features, industry leading ergonomics & user-friendly operator controls. Stepping into the future has never looked this promising…


Codemark Colombia Installs FB-350 to Improve Production
Codemark Colombia SAS has installed their first Nilpeter press, an FB-350, to increase capacity, add value to their printing production, and enter into new markets. Codemark has chosen Nilpeter thanks to their local sales support, the number and success of their recent installations in Colombia, and the technical support they offer in the Latin American market.
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A Special Year for Codemark
Codemark Colombia SAS was founded in 2005 by Mr. Camilo Mateus. At first, the flexographic company operating out of Bogotá, Colombia, mainly provided promotional pressure-sensitive labels (PSA), ribbons, and codification machines to the local market. In 2019, Codemark started producing shrink sleeves, a market which has grown substantially in the region, a trend which predicts to continue.

2022 will be a special year for Codemark, with growth projections above 30%, in large part due to the installation of the new FB-350, which will allow them to offer applications, such as cold foil on pressure-sensitive labels and shrink sleeves, embossing, and de- and re-lamination.

Higher Speeds and Lower Waste
"The new FB-350 has doubled our average production speeds, giving us the chance to print more jobs per day, and thanks to the servo-technology and register settings, to reduce waste by up to 40%, depending on the job,” says Camilo Mateus, General Manager, Codemark Colombia SAS.

“The shrink sleeves market in Colombia has been in a constant growth for the latest 5 years - special applications such as cold foil are now widely demanded by end-users, and with this new installation, we will be able to cover that demand," he continues. 

Support and Success
“When we started the new press project, we considered several suppliers, as this was going to be our first modular press with high-end applications. We finally decided to invest with Nilpeter, due to their sales support, the number and success of their recent installations in Colombia, and the technical support they offer in the Latin American market," Camilo Mateus concludes. 

A Milestone for Codemark
“This project will be a milestone in the history of Codemark, as it’s the first modular press installed that is configured to run shrink sleeves and equipped with value-added applications. The FB-350 enables Codemark to increase the pre-press printing definition from 150 LPI (lines per inch) to 170 LPI on standard jobs, and up to 200 LPI for high-definition printing jobs. We are delighted to welcome Codemark to the Nilpeter family," says Juan Pablo Patino, Nilpeter Commercial Manager for the Andean Region. 

Sophisticated Workhorse
The FB-Line is a sophisticated workhorse offering high ease of operation and superior printing quality. Available in 13” and 16” widths, the FB-Line is the perfect choice for the flexible label printer. Innovative automation features can be added according to requirements and combined with value-added features, such as lamination, cold foil, hot foil, gravure, and screen printing. The FB-350 installed at Codemark has been equipped with a movable, rail-based Cold Foil System, which includes a separate UV-lamp, allowing them to run the application on different units in the press. 

Triple Nilpeter Installation for Catapult in 2022
One in January, another due in May, and a third scheduled for July – that's the reality for Catapult Print & Packaging in Orlando, FL, USA, as they hit 7 total Nilpeter FA-Lines installed since 2018. The three new FA-17 are all 9-colour presses, like the previous four, continuing the strategy of "any job, anywhere, on any press."
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New Modern Facilities
Ambitious expansion plans are already in motion for the Florida-based company, with a new, modern 100.000 sq. ft. facility going up next door, built around Catapult's employees with in-house coffee and panini bars, and of course, room for a plethora of new Nilpeter presses, both in 17'' web widths, but also venturing into 26''.

Any Job on Any Press
"I call our press pool Southwest Airlines – they're all the same, for maximum familiarity and production flexibility. We can print any job, anywhere, on any press. And the technology of the Nilpeter presses allows us to do that – the quality is immense, and they're very easy to train on, simplifying the process for our 66 employees, of which only two had previously worked as print operators," says Mark Cook, CEO, Catapult Print & Packaging.

Catapult Print & Packaging specialize in pressure sensitive labels, linerless labels, and to a slightly smaller degree, narrow-web film. Three areas with lots of opportunities, where service, price, and lead times matter – food, household, beverage, etc.

Using their Bellissima digitally-modulated process, Catapult can screen at 350 lines per inch compared to most flexo printers when printing pressure-sensitive, wraparound, and roll stock for flexible packaging. They are one of only two printers in the U.S. producing linerless labels, and their capabilities with unsupported film give customers a world of opportunities in enhanced packaging.

No Compromise
"When we set up the business that was our model – we needed the latest technology to ensure, that strategically, if anything changed, we were agile, and could react quickly, while not compromising or losing our ability to compete on price, lead times, and quality. And with everything that's gone on these past few years, and in the current climate, that has been paramount – still being able to quote next-day-delivery, always focusing on our customers' needs. The Nilpeter presses play a huge part in that," Mark Cook continues.

Pushing Boundaries
"We, at Nilpeter, are both delighted and proud to work with Catapult. They think and do things differently, with a customer-led approach driven by our technology, focused on making a difference in terms of sustainability, employee satisfaction, and of course, product quality. That's right up our ally, and we couldn't be happier to continue this journey with them," says Lenny DeGirolmo, President & Managing Director, Nilpeter USA.

The Most Versatile Flexo Press on the Market
The FA-Line is the most versatile flexo press on the market – designed to accommodate the printer's ever-growing needs, and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls.

A benchmark of flexibility and modularity, the FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with Value-Adding Units, Application and Automation Packages, according to application needs and budget. Future customisations are often done with a simple press of a button. All main components are produced in-house at Nilpeter in Denmark and the US, meaning higher production quality and control.


Opinion: With the MO-Line FUSION to new quality levels
By Thorsten Saathoff: In November 2021, Nilpeter A/S presented a new high-end offset printing press. Nilpeter spent the time of the pandemic to make structures even more customer-efficient and to add the finishing touches to a new, even more productive offset printing press.
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The world of labels speaks of digitization and digital processes. Is there still room for offset printing in this new world of processes? Not only the manufacturers of labels and packaging are confronted with this question, when choosing the right production machines, but also the press manufacturers when choosing the right and targeted strategy for their press portfolio. The offset process is one of the high-quality processes, that allows difficult materials to be printed and a wide variety of finishing processes to be integrated.

Nilpeter sees it as a logical decision to consistently invest in the further development of the offset Nilpeter MO-Line, as a high-quality way of handling difficult materials and integrating a wide variety of finishing processes.

The MO-Line has set standards
Offset printing, in combination with other finishing and printing processes, is still dominant in the wine & spirits or health & cosmetics markets. With over 200 installations worldwide, Nilpeter's MO-Line has set the standard for an excellent quality and productivity over the past 25 years. The MO-platform was presented as the successor to the MO-3300 in 2007 at the LabelExpo show in Brussels and was technically revolutionary and innovative even then, with its sleeve technology and the many possible combinations. The attraction and the added value of the machine made up then, as now, the variety of possible combinations. A good reason for Nilpeter, even in the age of digital printing, to invest in the further development of this printing process, but also to use and integrate the possibilities of digital technology and press controls.

Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director, Nilpeter A/S, “The new MO-Line FUSION was developed with a high degree of automation and minimizes manual work steps, guarantees faster changeover times and reduced start-up waste. In short, the MO-Line FUSION is the complete solution for printers looking for efficient, productive, and market-leading technology. The MO-Line FUSION has no material limitations compared to purely digital technologies on the market”.

Analogue and digital combined
The new offset line combines the best of the world of analogue printing and digital finishing – i.e. a digital high-gloss coating unit can be integrated. Nilpeter's new 'High-Build Varnish' and 'High Opacity White' inkjet units open up extensive design possibilities.

Nilpeter’s digital inline print finishing supports a wide range of substrates such as PP, PE, PET, and foil. It can be positioned anywhere in a press configuration via the rail system.

With the HL-technology, high-quality surface structures can be generated, which simulate expensive substrates, emphasize meaningful designs or offer a special feel. The HL-technology can be combined with matt "flood coat" varnish to create micro-embossing techniques used in paper manufacture, or embossing effects applied digitally to text or image details. For an additional effect, extraordinary foil effects can be achieved in combination with a laminating/foil unwinding.

Integration of modules for finishing
Another good example of the embellishment possibilities is the flatbed embossing and foil embellishing unit, the well-known FP, which was launched in 2012, and which is already installed in more than 150 units around the world. These possible combinations are an advantage of conventional offset presses compared to digital presses. The modularly designed Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION offers options to supplement and combine the standard base with numerous modules. Due to the processes and the speed in digital printing, or also in translational offset printing, the Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION, with up to 200 m/min., offers another advantage here.

The new MO-Line FUSION is prepared for all known Nilpeter value-adding modules for increasing the value of the labels:
- Flatbed system FP-5 for hot foil stamping on rails
- Integration of FA flexo units
- Inkjet units for digital opaque white and 'high build' varnish
- Quick-change die-cutting unit for quick job changes
- Semi-rotary or full-rotary die unit
- G-4 gravure unit for metallic inks, covering surfaces and coatings
- Nilscreen system for special effects, braille, and opaque white
- Rail-based cross-over unit for multi-layer labels


The new operating concept

As in the FA-Line, Nilpeter has taken into consideration, that the operator can work the printing press without unnecessary handles. All functions on the press can be controlled via an 11" touch panel on each printing unit. Nilpeter calls this intuitive concept "Clean Hand Operation". The ink control is integrated into the operating concept and can be operated in a similarly intuitive manner as job handling. Jobs can be saved logically and repeat jobs can be called up quickly. The entire operating concept is connected to Nilpeter's Power Link System. It meets the industry standard 4.0 and can be integrated into all common MIS-systems.

The printing unit
The MO-Line FUSION printing unit is the result of continuous, further development of the MO-series and 25 years of experience in web offset printing. As with all Nilpeter printing presses, the side frames are made of one piece - "one block" - and are therefore very stable. This feature is very important for offset printing with the higher number of rollers compared to flexo printing, in order to avoid manufacturing tolerances and ultimately to rule out duplicating. The water/ink balance is controlled and adjusted by an intelligent system, to ensure consistent quality of the production run. The press is prepared for all drying concepts, such as UV, ARC, LED, or IR. Hot air drying for water-based or solvent-based inks is possible.

As a custom-made combination printing press with a variety of analogue and digital inline finishing technologies, the platform is designed for both large and small runs with short changeover times. Something speaks for modern, conventional offset printing. Varied finishing options, high speeds, combination of processes in one run.

Stability, quick setup, and the manufacture of special products without material limitations (high-quality wine labels, multi-layer) in one operation. The MO-Line FUSION implements what it stands for, combining stable processes with modern digital modules and the possibility of integrating a wide variety of process technologies.

Thorsten Saathoff, the engineer and business economist has been in the graphic industry for more than 30 years, and as the Managing Director of Nilpeter GmbH Thorsten Saathoff is responsible for the products from Nilpeter, GM, and Prati in the DACH-region.

Technical data Nilpeter MO-Line FUSION
- Production speed: 6-200 m/min.
- Material thickness: 0.0025-0.25 mm
- Substrate width: 225-450 mm
- Printing width offset, max.: 410 mm
- Printing width flexo, max.: 17”
- Offset printing length, min./max.: 12”-25”
- Flexo printing length, min./max.: 12”-25”
- UV-curing standard: 140 W/cm
- UV-curing LED: Optional
- Hot-air: On request

Trükimaailm to Drive Sales in Finland and the Baltic Region
Nilpeter has appointed Trükimaailm as the new agent for Finland and the Baltic region – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Local market knowledge, a strong footing in flexo, and ambitious sales targets were deciding factors for the Danish manufacturer.
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Highly Recommended
"We’ve got a great setup with KBA in Poland, and when we expressed a desire to ramp up in the Baltic region, Trükimaailm came highly recommended. The match with Janek Zupsman and his team was evident from the start – they’re well-versed in flexo through KBA, Flint Group, and Techkon, among others, not to mention highly ambitious on behalf of Nilpeter. During our initial discussions, we learned that Trükimaailm also had a strong footing in the Finish market, so we decided to engage them there too,” says Dan Wissing, Area Sales Manager, Nilpeter A/S.

Proactive Partner
“We’re very excited to engage with Nilpeter, and we look forward to being an active partner, and making the best of an already great working relationship. We believe it’s better to be proactive, following the mantra of “if you wait, you’re always late”, and in early April we’ll be going on a customer roundtrip to meet and better familiarize ourselves with the Nilpeter customers in our markets,” Janek Zupsman, CEO, Trükimaailm, begins.

Trükimaailm is already well-versed in the Baltic and Finnish flexo markets through their partner agreements with Koenig & Bauer, Flint Group, Techkon, and Agfa, to name a few. Additionally, Trükimaailm’s technicians can assist with press service and installations, making them a great local partner for Nilpeter. 

“The Nilpeter product line completes our product portfolio, from inks, plates, and anilox rollers to full-scale printing presses. And we have already set ambitious sales targets for ourselves based on market trends and movements – flexo is growing in our region, doing very well, especially within flexible packaging, an area where the Nilpeter technology is second-to-none,” Janek Zupsman concludes.

High-Quality Products
Trükimaailm, which translates to The World of Printing, was founded in the summer of 1996, and today, has offices in Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius. The company's main activity is sales and service of high-quality printing presses and spare parts for the label and flexible packaging printers in Finland and the Baltic region. Trükimaailm will market the entire Nilpeter product program, from the highly successful FA-Line, the new FA-26 and MO-Line FUSION, to value-adding units, and more.

Mail Attachment
From left to right: Janek Zupsman, CEO, and Hannes Truumäe, Sales Director, of Trükimaailm AS, Nilpeter's new agent for Finland and the Baltic region – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Trebnick Installs New FA-17 To Meet Increasing Demands for RFID
Trebnick Systems of Springboro, OH, just a short 30-minute drive from Nilpeter USA, has installed a new Nilpeter FA-17 to handle increasing customer demands for RFID-application.
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Trebnick Systems is a long-time partner, having purchased their first Nilpeter press in the 1990s, when they developed a non-tear tag for durable markets that eliminated the need for laminated tags worldwide.

“I looked at all the presses that were popular at the time and Nilpeter had the most durable product from my impression. I had no idea that the registration and quality were also outstanding. Our first press is still running perfectly,” says Gregg Trebnick, founder of Trebnick Systems, Inc.

Tough Jobs Easily and Repeatedly
As a competitor once said to a Trebnick customer, “they do the tough jobs easily and repeatedly”.

“When we got into the label and tag market, we were too late to get any easy jobs.   All the jobs we received were the jobs no one else wanted to do - uncoated poly material with process printing, adhesives that would not come off when applied outdoors in the middle of the winter, poly tags that stretch through 99% of the presses on the market, etc. The challenging start, however, is what gave us a leg up on the competition, and what positioned our team in the expert category,” Linda Trebnick, President, adds.

Update Equipment to Handle Demands
“We already had the capability to apply RFID, but more and more of our customers are asking for it, and we needed to update our equipment to be able to handle those demands. As I mentioned, we already have Nilpeter presses and wanted to stay with them, so we went to Nilpeter, and together with Tamarack they came up with a press design for us that includes RFID-application and integrated labels,” Linda Trebnick says.

“With Nilpeter just down the street from Trebnick, that naturally played a big part in our decision, but they also have the most state-of-the-art press – the FA-17.  Nilpeter came in and helped us and always responded quickly to our calls, when we were down or needed service. With a major outlay of capital, we wanted the quickest response time, and Nilpeter has proven many times over the years that they are always ready to respond,” Trebnick continues.

A Perfect Match for Trebnick
“Our first order on the press is a 750,000 feet long cast-and-cure hologram label.  Being long-run and unique, plus being sheeted, makes it a perfect match for Trebnick to produce on our new press. We need the capacity to keep up with our current growth, and with the add-on unit from Tamarack we will be doing RFID, integrated labels, and high-quality colour work.”

“Now that the FA-17 is up and running and we see the ease of running this press, we definitely would like to add another one of these presses to our production floor,” Linda Trebnick concludes.

About Trebnick Systems
Trebnick Systems is a global supplier of flexographic specialty tags and labels based in Springboro, OH, USA. Trebnick provides permanent, removable or repositionable adhesive label and tag solutions for some of the toughest environments in these markets: Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer Durables, Lumber & Building Materials, Steel/Rebar, Chemical/Drum, Concrete, Food/Seafood, Horticulture, Mattress/Law, Product Identification, Packaging, Safety, Health & Beauty, Shelf Markers, Medical and Warehouse Floor Marking Systems, printers and printer supplies including thermal transfer and Epson Inkjet printers. Whatever the customer’s labeling needs, Trebnick Systems has a specialized solution they can depend on. 

Seneca Label Increases Efficiency and Quality with New FB-Line
Long-time Nilpeter print shop, Seneca Label, has installed a new Nilpeter FB-Line to increase speed, efficiency, and quality. The Cleveland-based prime and customer-facing label print shop has a key focus on high quality standards and quick response times, which the new FB-Line will help them further accomplish.
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Solutions That Stick With You
Family-owned for three generations, Seneca Label has decades of label printing experience with companies of all sizes and industries throughout the United States. In that time, Seneca has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which they share with customers, making sure that their labels look great and stick right. 

“The core of our business is prime and customer-facing labeling, which can be found on product packaging in big-box stores across the USA. Second to our customer-facing labels, we print many pharmaceutical and chemical labels,” says Kyle Hoopingarner, VP, Seneca Label, Inc.

High Quality and Short Response Times
“We’ve been a Nilpeter print shop for years, and while still printing via equipment from other manufacturers, we liked Nilpeter’s quality, robustness, and parts availability the best,” Hoopingarner continues.

“Our quality was already a top-priority, and something we are locally known for. Speed and customer response time are what win us new business, and this press accomplished that. With the new FB-Line we can print more of the labels we currently print, but faster, more efficiently, and with better quality,” he adds.

“We’re not planning to add any additional new equipment at this moment, but we’ll definitely consider Nilpeter first, when we get there,”Kyle Hoopingarner concludes.

Sophisticated Workhorse
The FB-Line is a sophisticated workhorse offering high ease of operation and superior printing quality. Available in 13” and 16” widths, the FB-Line is the perfect choice for the flexible label printer. Innovative automation features can be added according to requirements and combined with value-added features such as lamination, cold foil, hot foil, gravure, and screen printing.

About Seneca Label
At Seneca Label, a Cleveland, Ohio-based label company, they go above and beyond to develop innovative printing processes to make their customers’ labeling concepts a reality. Seneca Label prides themselves on fearlessly tackling label printing jobs, that other printers won’t touch, and remedying problem situations caused by competitors, who cut corners.

IMPREAC Installs Second FB-Line to Print Multi-Layer Coupon Labels
IMPREAC - Impresos y Acabados S.A.S. has installed its second Nilpeter FB-Line, an FB-350, to improve production capacity in multi-layer coupon labels. The company expects to increase capacity by more than 30%.
Image collection:

IMPREAC - Impresos y Acabados S.A.S. was founded in 1991 by Mr. Ricardo Herrera, as a sheet-fed company. His son, Luis Fernando Herrera, started the company’s flexo department in 2013 to provide multi-layer coupon labels to their main customers. This development took two years to materialize.

A Year of Change
2021 was a year of change for IMPREAC. They celebrated their 30th anniversary of the company, an event in which they commemorated and celebrated the life of founder Mr. Ricardo Herrera, who unfortunately passed away in July. His family and employees further honoured his memory by continuing expansion projects with a new 1.700 m2 plant, located in the Industrial Park, Celta Park, on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, and installing the new flexo production line Nilpeter FB-350. The company has succeeded in serving its customers without stopping production in the toughest moments of the pandemic, and in the midst of an economic reactivation.

React Faster to Last-Minute Jobs
"The new FB-350 will increase our capacity by at least 30%, giving us the chance to react faster to unplanned orders, and the flexibility to handle last-minute changes. Overall, it will improve our abilities in the production of multi-layer coupon labels and cardboard labels," says Luis Fernando Herrera, Production Manager, IMPREAC - Impresos y Acabados S.A.S.

“Nilpeter was the only partner that we considered for this project, as our previous experience with the FB-3300S was really good, and we were looking for a backup press in which we could use the same tooling, take advantage of the standardization (fingerprint), and printing knowledge we have on the existing printing technology. Improving the efficiency and use of resources, with the technological improvements of the New FB-350," Luis Fernando Herrera adds.

IMPREAC's formula for success, offering a reliable product and flexibility in its operation, has allowed them to open export markets for the company in Latin America and Central America.

Wide Production Spectrum
“Being a witness from the beginning and working side-by-side with the customer has shown me the wide production spectrum that our presses are able to achieve. When we started, the project was focused on 5-page coupon labels. And now, mixing the development of IMPREAC with the technology of Nilpeter’s FB-Line, and passing the learning curve, they have been able to produce coupon labels up to 13 pages,” says Juan Pablo Patino Arevalo, Commercial Manager for the Nilpeter Andean Region.

Sophisticated Workhorse
The FB-Line is a sophisticated workhorse offering high ease-of-operation and superior printing quality. The new FB-350 installed at IMPREAC is equipped with high-capacity cold foil towers, Nilpeter’s rail-based re-inserting system, includes the new Automatic Plate Positioning feature, and a short web pass.

IMPREAC - Impresos y Acabados S.A.S, currently headed by Mariela Salinas de Herrera and her sons Mauricio Herrera Salinas and Luis Fernando Herrera Salinas, is preparing updates of its FB-3300S press based on the new FB-350, working on proposals for new developments with its printing partner, Nilpeter.

OPM Announces Double Nilpeter Press Investment
OPM Labels & Packaging Group (‘OPM’) has announced it is investing in two new fully automated Nilpeter FA-22 presses to support its accelerating growth in both Europe and the US.
Image collection:

By Sebastian Reisig, Flexible Packaging Technology.

A 12-colour 22” FA-Line Nilpeter machine will be installed at the company’s Leeds, UK facility in July 2022, incorporating hot air drying, LED UV curing and inline solvent lamination capabilities. The investment is designed to support the growth of the company’s short to medium run flexible packaging business, as well as its phenomenal success in the multi-layer peel & read label segment.

Chris Ellison, Managing Director of OPM, said: “We are experiencing tremendous demand for our clever indexed multi-layer label design, Multi Dex. This innovative label solution offers designers the ability to communicate extensive information on a pack in a concise way. With increasing pressure on brands to find clever ways to cram in legal, health and safety requirements on packs for compliance, Multi Dex is proving particularly popular in the health, nutrition and beauty sectors with its unique structure offering multiple faces for the designer to use without compromising sustainability or graphic standout.”

The second fully automated press, a 10-colour Nilpeter FA-22, will be installed in the US in the second half of 2022 enabling OPM to further meet demand for its patented TLC label closure system in the North American hygiene and wipes sectors.

Ellison continued: “We are a European market leader in the supply of moist wipe packaging solutions as a result of the development of our European and US patented TLC – Thicker Label Closure. TLC replaces the need for rigid flip top closure systems offering brands a lighter weight closure solution that can be printed to match their brand colours."

“TLC retains moisture for the full life cycle of the product which boosts consumer satisfaction, is lower cost, and is applied at higher speeds, driving further energy and production efficiencies for packers. With sustainability being a key issue in the wipes market, TLC also offers a lower carbon footprint, improves pack recyclability, and can be manufactured with recycled content. We’re therefore seeing significant demand from the US for this innovation and its only right we commit to production locally to ensure we can maintain the customer service and supply standards our customers have come to recognise us for.”

ProfiLabel Continues Steady Growth with New Nilpeter FA-Line
ProfiLabel GmbH, an ICS Group company based in Wiehl and Wehrheim, Germany, has decided to invest in a Nilpeter FA-Line after intensive market research and tests.
Image collection:

The company, which has been on the market since 1984, is installing the new printing press at its Wiehl site in the Sauerland region and, with the new building and press investment, adding another important building block in the company's steadily growing history.

"We are very happy to have ProfiLabel as a part of the Nilpeter family, and look forward to working with them in the future. Through intensive tests and user visits, we were able to convince Karsten Jung and his ProfiLabel team that the Nilpeter FA-Line was the right choice,“ says Thorsten Saathoff of Nilpeter GmbH.

Innovative Answer to Market Demands
With the latest generation FA-Line, Nilpeter has succeeded in providing an innovative answer to market demands for shorter set-up times, smaller batch sizes, and an easy-to-use press with many possible combinations. The FA-Line was developed to offer customers optimum efficiency combined with the highest possible quality.

Simple Operating Concept
Numerous functions are automated. For example, automatic cleaning functions are stored for the anilox roller and the impression cylinder, which run before they are unlocked. All covers of the printing units can be opened individually or simultaneously with servo control.

The press automatically saves the data of individual jobs, which are available for repeat jobs. With the help of this data, the press automatically prepares settings (e.g. register and print delivery) for the next job. All in all, the intelligent technology of the Nilpeter FA-Line enables an extremely simple operating concept.


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